Art and the philosophy of life


Winter Landscape, Trees, Snow, NatureI’ve heard it said
that memories
and photographs
can bring comfort
to those who have
lost their loves
but those are lies
death makes sure of that
you can’t touch memories
and the person in a photograph
doesn’t age
or laugh
or hold you
nothing is left behind
nothing that can put you back together
and all the silly things people say
are like icicles
falling to the ground
and shattering
for when your love is gone
it’s always winter

Comments on: "cold…" (38)

  1. Very beautiful and meaningful words which I fully comprehend

  2. So true, so blue.

  3. This is so true.. I came via Holly’s reblog.. No one can take those memories, and yes, no one can possibly know that feeling of loss or loneliness at losing a loved one..
    A heart-felt poem that touches deep into the soul..

    Blessings Sue

    • Thank you so very much. I love Holly and her blog. I’m so happy you stopped by. We each experience things differently but I think there is a basic underlying feeling to loss. There’s suddenly an empty space in your heart, mind, body, life. A space that can’t be filled by anyone, or any/thing, else. It’s something a person can only understand through experience, at least that’s the way it seems to me. Thank you again.

      • Exactly… I have lost many people close to me over the years, and only recently over the last couple of months said goodbye to a dear friend and my last remaining Uncle.. And as you say each loss is different in that no one can replace them or the feelings they brought..
        And even our dear beloved pets leave a great void in our lives..
        Much love to you and I agree Holly’s blog I love too.. ❤ Take care of YOU.. ❤ We often forget ourselves while remembering others!… ❤ ❤

      • Thank you so much for your lovely words. My son and husband both died from leukemia, my three nephews from drugs. My friends, from a variety of things, drugs, smoking, sickness, and I have one cousin left. It’s amazing how many people just leave. It happens to a everyone, maybe not that many in one family, but everyone has losses. Sometimes, for some people the loss of their precious animal companion is the worst loss of all. They are family and we love them like we love our children. Life’s like that. I mean, realistically, life is all about death…that’s the exit door we all move toward from the minute we’re born. Some just get there faster than others, that’s all.

      • Oh my goodness… Seems to me you have had more than your fair share of losses.. And yes you are right the moment we are born we are on our exit journey.
        It is not always clear as to why?? some return home early while others stay the course..
        But its been my experience that every life no matter how long or short has value and purpose.. And we who are left with the pieces I know were blessed with their presence while they chose to stay..
        So I look upon each life as gift.. This is a hard realm of existence we came to experience, and some come to help others though theirs…. Sending you my love.. For love is what we came to find..
        Love and Blessings..
        Sue ❤

      • That was lovely. Thank you. I agree with everything you said. We won’t know until later what it’s all about, and honestly, maybe we will never know. We may as well have fun and enjoy what we can. Thank you again. ❤

      • The only moment we live, is in the now.. Not in the past or in the future… So yes Go EnJOY all you do in the NOW of your Moments.. and have fun doing it..
        Much love your way.. ❤ take care.. ❤

      • I have always lived in the now and always lived for fun and excitement. Some of us don’t change, even when we’re older. LOL It’s all about seeing the beauty around us and really, having as much fun as possible doing what you love.

      • I agree with you entirely. 🙂 Life here on Mother Earth is far too short not to enjoy every moment of it.. If we all live in the NOW of our moments instead of in the past regrets and future worries the world may be would become a better place.. We seem to have got too bogged down in the material instead of the spiritual.. And I am not speaking of religions.. Just what mother nature intended.. For us to Care for and respect each other and treat all as we would wish to be treated.. We have forgotten much on this journey, but I am also pleased to say, many are waking up and Remembering just who they are..
        Have a beautiful rest of the week.. And I so enjoyed our chat.. Take care. ❤

      • I hope you have a lovely week as well. I also enjoyed our chat. Thank you so very much.

  4. es ist wunderschön, ich hoffe, es geht dir gut?

  5. Thank you for your words. Very true. Nothing is left. Only time softens the memories. And that is a meagre solace.
    (Holly would probably translate the German comment above better than I).
    Have a nice week.

    • You are so very kind. Thank you so much for that.

      • Don’t mention it. Fortunately most people do not have to go through such… tragedies. Those of us who do, have to find the ways. Words, art, prayer, meditation… many synonyms for “coping”. 🙂

      • You’re right. And art really does save lives. It saved mine, that’s for sure. We all manage to get through the difficult times, each in our own individual way. Thank you.

      • Don’t mention it. 🙂
        I’ve beeb struggling with many issues over the past years: sense, or lack thereof, beauty, freedom, justice, development, hope… (and despair!) what have you. And I am only gradually coming to the conclusion that beauty (art) may be a path. 🙂

  6. So true, and it brings memories back. Thank you for sharing. Michael

  7. Thank you for those kind words. I truly appreciate them. Hope you have a lovely Sunday as well.

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