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Comments on: "Happy Labor Day…" (10)

  1. Yup. And men make the laws that can help us, or kill us. Insanity.

    • I thought we’d settled the fact that each woman has rights over her own body? Why are some trying to take us backwards? My body is mine and no man, no god, no law, no doctrine will ever be more important, or know what I want than I am/do for me!!!!

      • The government and right wing do not agree. We have been fighting this for ever. No one will stop abortions, but the punishment for women having sex is to send them to a back alley butcher where they may die. That’s really the only CHOICE there is. Health or no heart and maybe death. Which, according to the government/right wing fanatics is what women deserve. Hateful, controlling, idiots. No one is making them have an abortion they just want to stop OTHER people from having one and they fly to France or other countries where it’s legal and then come back home and try and stop other women from having one. It will never stop. It never has and it never will. They don’t care about life. They KILL doctors, block clinic entrances, forcing women who are there to get treatments for their illnesses, to miss their appointments. They harass doctors, block their driveways and best of all, they do nothing to help children who are starving, uneducated, living in poverty, abused, raped by their relatives, and a million other things. They do absolutely NOTHING to help the living. They simply want to punish women, who are often forced by men, for having sex. Pathetic.

  2. Hahaha! Lol! That’s one way to look at it.

  3. OH!! Happy Labour Day! 🐱🐝☮️

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