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Flutterby and Eddie…

Frog, Butterfly, Pond, Mirroring, Nature

“Ribbit,” said the frog, clearing his throat. “My name is Eddie and my friend’s name is Flutterby.  We met at the beginning of the summer, on an old log that got tangled in the roots of a huge tree.  We started talking and became friends right away.  Flutterby can’t play in water, so I give her rides back and forth across the pond.  That way we can chat and she gets to do things she can’t do by herself.  I think she’ve very beautiful and when I tell her so, she closed her eyes. She’s kind of shy sometimes.  She said I was nice looking, as well, and maybe I am, to other frogs, but not to a butterfly. She was simply being kind.”

“Thats not true,” said Flutterby, adamantly  “You’re a lovely shade of green and you are a strong and wonderful swimmer.  You do the butterfly stroke perfectly, although I don’t know why it’s called that, since butterflies cant swim.  Nevertheless, you do it brilliantly and you can hop farther than any frog I’ve ever seen.”

“See what I mean?” croaked the Eddie.  “Friends.  She’s always telling me that I’m wonderful and I’m always telling her that she’s the one who’s wonderful.  We think that’s the way life should be…everyone saying lovely things to each other all the time.  Just seems like the friendly thing to do, don’t you agree?”



Earth’s Magnetic Field Can Reverse Poles Ridiculously Quickly, Study Suggests — Discovery Science.

Solar radiation constantly bombards Earth, and Earth’s magnetic field repels it. According to a new study, our planet’s protective shield might weaken far more quickly and unpredictably than scientists previously thought. Like the invisible force shield around the Death Star, Earth’s magnetic field surrounds and protects our planet from the hottest, most statically charged […]

via Earth’s Magnetic Field Can Reverse Poles Ridiculously Quickly, Study Suggests — Discovery Science.


Winged Wisdom — oldmainer

A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you will remember. Carve your name on hearts, not on marble.

via Winged Wisdom — oldmainer


Hedgehog Child, Young Hedgehog, Hedgehog

Maurice, a baby hedgehog, has a big dream.  He wants to be an artist.  The fact that hedgehogs have poor eyesight, never bothered him at all.

“Maurice,” said his mother, “you can’t see color that well.  In fact, you can’t see anything very well.”

“I can smell it and hear it,” he said, sweetly.  “Blue smells like spring grass and sounds like a gentle breeze.”

“Yes, well.” said his mother.  “Hard to paint that, isn’t it.”

“I’ll get contact lenses when I’m a bit older,” he said dreamily, thinking of being able to see.”

“And who will give them to you?”

“An eye doctor, I suppose?” he said, his quills quivering.

“What eye doctor and how will you get to an eye doctor and what will you tell him?” she asked, for the thousandth time.

“I’ll manage.”

“That’s not an answer my darling Maurice.  Can’t you be a normal hedgehog and just enjoy what you are.”

“What I am, mother, is an artist.  How can I deny that?”

“Perhaps you could be a poet,” she suggested. “You could write poems about colors and beauty, instead of putting things down on canvas, or paper.”

Maurice thought for a moment.  “That might be a good idea,” he whispered.  “I wouldn’t need contact lenses and I could describe color to others in ways that they could understand.”

“Yes, yes,” said his mother, turning in circles.

“Thank you mother.  I will become a poet.  I AM a poet,” he said happily.  “I was a poet all along but didn’t realize it.  I will paint with words.”

And that’s how Maurice, the baby hedgehog, grew up to be a famous poet, reaching hedgehogs far and wide with his words and descriptions of the things they could not see, but felt in their hearts.


Quote: Thích Nhát Hanh, Buddhist monk

Liberated Woman Heavenly Freedom Liberatio

The present moment
is filled with joy
and happiness.
If you are attentive,
you will see it.

–Thích Nhát Hanh

However, if you are NOT a monk, and have kids, a job, a house, and are responsible for ten million other things…you may not have the time he does to be that attentive.  Sometimes, monks don’t get that.  It’s still possible, of course, but what you see as joy, might not be the same thing he sees.  You might see joy as ten minutes alone in a room with the door closed, or no calls from the school saying that your kid is on the roof again.  After all, he’s a guy and he just has to take care of himself.  Give him a couple of kids who are throwing up, a dog that has to go the vet, a boss who demands his attention for eight hours, a car that needs oil and new tires, kids that need to be taken in for shots, garbage that needs to go to the curb, friends to call back, bills to be paid, well, you get what I’m saying, right?

Depends on what world you live in to be able to write things like this.  We should all stop working, having kids, so that we can sit and meditate all day and then talk about the joy that surrounds us.  Especially when you’re an author, famous, and have minions waiting on you.

So, take a nice long walk today, among the trees, let other people take care of things and then write a post about the joy you found in not being responsible for what all the other people are doing so that you can take that nice walk.  Ohhhhhhh, maybe he can be pregnant too.  Then he can see the joy in gaining a million pounds, throwing up, having his feet swell and enjoy having his body ripped apart during delivery.  Yes, he’d love that.  Then lets see him sit around meditating as his body heals and he doesn’t sleep any longer.  Yeah…let’s see him do THAT and tell us about the joy that surrounds him.

From Astronomy Picture of the Day…Gorgeous

Glowing Elements in the Soul Nebula

Okay, so…today is my birthday…


Shining, Round Out, Color, Bright

My friend and I went out all day.  She told EVERYONE, everywhere we went, that it was my birthday.  She was so  funny.  People were all waving and wishing me a happy day.  We had lunch and she told the waitress that I need cake, or something, so the woman brought me the best sundae EVER!  OMG  When she put it down, my friend said, “Where’s the candle?”  So the woman rushed away and found a candle.  Then my fiend sang to me, while I made a wish and blew out the candle.  We split the sundae and she agreed, it was the best one we’ve ever had.  And when I tell you that we’ve had a lot of sundaes, you can believe it.

So, I had a fun day, even though was, and still is,  SO HOT AND HUMID you could literally fall to the ground and just lay there.  Sticky and exhausting weather.  Clothes plastered to my body but I had a blast and it was a lot of fun.

My daughter is taking me out to celebrate on Friday, so I get to do it all over again.  Yay!

And…a new book, in the Sandman Slim series, came out at midnight.  I ordered on my Kindle, so I could start reading it immediately and that’s exactly what I did.  A birthday book…how cool is THAT?



I was on the ground, trying to get a picture of Emmie’s face but it’s not easy, believe me. Got my finger in there as well. I absolutely adore this cat.

Feel the magick…poem

Steampunk, Gears, Pipes, Brass, Door

feel the magick
you know it’s there
touch a dial
don’t just stare
reach right out
see what you’ll find
some are good
others steal your mind
but step a little closer
purred the voice
inside her head
your heart will fill
with happiness
which might feel more
like dread
if you want to look
behind the doors
you’ll have to take
the risk
you could end up
so very dead
or maybe get a
so pucker up
and spin the dial
cozy up
and stay awhile
pick the one that
suits your style
go ahead
just spin a dial


Woman, Face, Thoughts, Media, Head

People have been brainwashed, by religion and culture, to do things in moderation.  The people who want us to believe in moderation, however, do not practice what they preach.  Have you ever noticed that?  The pope has a driver, a bullet proof car (and I’ll say this again…he’s the LAST person who should be afraid of dying, or getting shot…his god will protect him…right?  If he dies, he’ll just get where he tells everyone else they want to go, faster, so what’s with the car and all the protection?)  He dresses in fine fabrics and caps, is surrounded by art, lackeys, 24 K gold, gems, and is waited on hand and foot. He has planes at his beck and call…well, everything he wants is at his beck and call, even alter boys. Same with our government officials who take vacations on our money, vote themselves five figure raises and own houses abroad and all over the country. They have aides, instead of alter boys.  So, moderation doesn’t seem like anything THEY are interested in, if you ask me.  Doing without, not indulging, is just for the masses they have convinced…not to enjoy life on a grand scale the way they do, but to work hard so they can have more of what everyone else makes.

Life is like six seconds long…so indulge yourself.  All this “buckle down, work harder, nose to the grindstone, GROW UP,” stuff is just to keep everyone in place, doing busy work, so hard working people can give the pope and government more money to spend on themselves. The pope is constantly preaching about giving to the poor but he doesn’t give them anything, not even the gold threads in his costume.

Anyway, working yourself to death, so that others can jet around and get more stock options, sucks and that’s why most people are exhausted.  And please remember, we work to pay TAXES on everything…EVERYTHING.  Yes, we need to pay for streets, sanitation, police, ashtrays and things.  We do.  Religious people give DONATIONS to rapist priests to pay for lawyers to keep them out of jail FOR raping children and destroying their lives.  People give donations that are used for hush money to buy off the parents of the raped children, so they don’t come forward and TELL THE TRUTH.  So, how anyone can listen to what those people have to say, is beyond me.  THOSE are the people who make the rules they expect OTHER people to live by. The pope knew about the rapes but he must not have thought they were important, now there’s more spin coming out, since the issue is in the light again.  Supposedly there’s a civil war going on in the church.  It was on PBS and I saw it for 2 seconds before I turned it off but you can learn a lot in 2 seconds.  All the excuses and misdirection.  OMG  So insane. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so horrifying.

I don’t think people need to shirk their responsibilities, in order to have fun. Society isn’t set up for us to do that…at least not yet. I just think people need to have more fun and not take things so seriously.  Maybe change attitudes.  The reason people take things seriously is because the government wants their money and so does the church.  So, like cattle, with nowhere to run, people are forced to work until they die, to give other people what they want, so that they don’t have to do things in moderation.  Those people make sure that people never have enough money themselves, to live the way they do.

Look, there is no specific time set aside in life, when people will automatically be able to have fun. No one’s going to say, “Well, when you are fifty-seven years old everyone will have one year of fun.”  We only have THIS MOMENT.  Remember, if we don’t have fun now, we’re just wasting the time we do have and these moments WILL NEVER COME AGAIN. Besides, we’re not getting any younger and none of us can ever go backward and do what we wish we would have done in the first place.

People just have to let go of the do’s and do not’s, that have been shoved down their throats from the moment they were born.  The do’s and do not’s, do NOT make any sense, except to those who want to control what everyone else does.  The people who want to control everyone else, MAKE the rules others are expected to follow.  Who wants to do THAT?  There should be, no rules, except the ones we make ourselves or, decide to follow.

REMEMBER:  You have one shot at this life…do you want to spend it denying yourself?  Or do you want a ride that you make up yourself?  The only approval you need, to do what you want to do is your own.  Following the rules might get you a retirement party and a past, littered with, “I wish I would have…”  Not always, of course, no sweeping generalizations here.  Nope, none at all.  But all you have to do is look around and see all the tired, worn out people who have given up and accepted their lot in life.  If all you’re doing is working, sleeping, or watching TV, you might want to think about what’s going on.  Not that snuggling up and watching a good movie isn’t a lot of fun.  But if fun is not  the goal and zoning out is…mmmmmmm.  Remember, the guys who want you to believe in moderation are on boats, traveling the world, playing golf, skydiving, you know, actually LIVING.

The pope, government and media…are liars…each and every single one.  Rapists and greedy, controlling power mongers…why would anyone ever do anything they tell them to do?

We, the people, have all the power but knowing that has been kept from us.  We have been TAUGHT that authority has the power but that’s simply not true.  If everyone stopped working tomorrow, there is nothing the government could do.  If there were no people to do their bidding, they’d have to face the fact the their minions mattered and they couldn’t get along without them.

The people working on lines in factories are as important as the president.  Everyone should be treated respectfully and be paid the same amount.  Why are people punished because they weren’t given the same opportunities as others?  How is that fair?  How can people ever get ahead,  if they are always denied what others have?  It’s unfair and cruel.  But the people in charge want things that way and we have given them the power to hold everyone back.  Society refuses to acknowledge the intelligence and creativity of those who our culture refuses to acknowledge.  It’s wrong and we ALL suffer for it.  So moderation…no…have fun because there are rarely second chances.  Moderation is only for the masses, not the people who use us to get everything they want.


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