Art and the philosophy of life


Cat Shadow Silhouette Black Animal Cat Cat

I know what’s in your heart
and mind
I know when you want to hold me
when you want me to jump onto your lap
lay on your book, your bed, your pillow
I know how to look cute so that you feed me
and give me treats
I know how to play with string
to amuse you
I know when to purrrrr  to make you love me
I know everything about you
and while you’re cradling me in your arms
softly cooing
you never think about the fact
that I’m the best killer on the planet


Comments on: "Cat…" (7)

  1. I’ve always had pet cats, however, since moving abroad my rooms no longer have that familiar feeling of a cat going about his own business, almost willfully ignoring you till its hungry. This post reminded me of that. Thanks

  2. Hahaha! That they are. 😃

  3. Mew, to you, too! We may have some killing going on here, as a mouse is trying to get in. Jeep and Johnny are glued to the baseboards. Their patience is astounding. Last time a mouse wandered in was 16 years ago. Pupkin was only 5. He adored N, and brought the half dead mouse to bed for N.
    Never saw a person get out of bed so fast. 😀 😀

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