Art and the philosophy of life

Comments on: "EQUALITY…my granddaughter made this…it’s of her boyfriend" (4)

  1. Pretty cool! In our d house, and before Digital was a thing, I had a darkroom set up. I used to love playing around with processing. Double images were fun to mess around with.

    • Ah, the good old days and so much fun. 🙂 She sent me another one that I love. I’ll put it on, because Chicago’s in it. I hope you and your lovely family are doing okay. I’m thinking about you and sending love and healing thoughts your way. ❤

      • Thanks so much. We’re doing ok. As ok as we can. We’ve talked about her and looked at pictures and videos with her in them, and laughed and cried. You know, the usual. Can’t wait to see her next one. 😊

  2. It’s a truly hard thing to go through. I’m glad you’re doing ok. These are the only two she’s done, so far. She said she’ll do more and send them to me…then I’ll show them to you. Thank you for being so sweet. Love to your whole family.

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