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Isn’t the destination wherever we say it is?  Isn’t every second of our lives a destination that we have to experience before we can go any further?  Are there tiny, small, medium and big destinations?  The gas station, or flower shop, is a destination, right?  So what’s the BIG deal about the trip.  We are always tripping and getting to our destination.  We put weird things on signs, cards, and we write silly things in books that are meant to be profound…but they are not.  Trips and destinations are normal acts of everyday life.  Neither one is a big deal.  Kind of the mountain out of a molehill thing.

My destination today, was visiting a new (to me) Independent Book Store.  But my first destinations were the shower, getting dressed, getting in my car, and on and on, until I reached the shop.  Then my destination was to find books, then to get home, then to have lunch.  The journey back and forth just reminded me that the light on my dashboard kept telling me that I need air in one of my tires.  It was raining and I was singing and trying to not think about the journey, but the bookstore. Traffic was medium to heavy and some construction was going on but not bad enough to have people screaming in the street.   Waze was telling me how to get where I was going, since I’m lost the second I pull out of my driveway.  Think about your journey to work…IT’S THE JOURNEY, NOT THE DESTINATION THAT’S IMPORTANT.  LOLOL  Tell that to your boss if your late.  Think about the journey back and forth each day…all about the journey.  If you’re on a bus, el, or train you see a lot of sleeping people, or those who never look up.  Their journey doesn’t seem all that great.  Their destination, however, could be a nice meal with people they love, or not.  For those in cars, gridlock isn’t soothing, enjoyable, or something you would like to do for fun. Blast your music, do whatever, but it’s insane to think driving, or sitting, on an expressway is nicer than BEING where you want to BE.  It’s not.  You can play the metaphor game, mix up definitions and words, so that the journey is enlightening and wonderful (and maybe it is) but you wouldn’t be on a journey at all,  if it wasn’t for the destination.  It’s always the destination that matters.  If it didn’t, there wouldn’t be any journeys in the first place.  We only move to get somewhere else.

I’m not saying that journeys can’t be fun, I’m saying that they serve a purpose.  The purpose of a journey is to get us to our DESTINATION.  

If I’m going to Paris, I WANT TO BE IN PARIS.  Sure I’ll try and make the 13 hour trip as pleasant as possible, but I don’t care about the journey…I care about being in Paris.  I wouldn’t take the trip for any other reason.  The journey is not something I would pack for and then never get off the plane, but simply turn around and go home again.   Every second I’m on the plane takes time away from my destination.   I can laugh on the plane, meet nice people, eat, read, and do what I can TO MAKE THE TIME GO FASTER, until I get to my DESTINATION.  If you’re squashed into a seat between to very large men, the journey can be a bloody nightmare…then you can’t WAIT to get to your destination.

Maybe it’s just me.  But the whole thing seems so silly.   The trip/destination thing is not profound in any way at all, at least not to me.   The destination is all that ever matters, no matter how much fun the journey might be.

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  1. I agree that getting to where you’re going as quickly as possible is ideal, but I like the travel part as well. Even the not-so-glamorous airport snafus or road construction delays if driving. It’s all part of the journey as a whole, and make for some great stories. 😃😃

    • Definitely. Stories to laugh or moan over, for sure. The saying tries to say that the journey is the only thing that matters and I think the destination is the only reason there is a journey. LOL The destination matters. Especially if you’re hyper and can’t wait.

  2. That too…for sure. Been there done that. Still not over it all these years later. LOLOL

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