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Science tells us that everything is energy.  Nothing is actually solid, things (atoms) just vibrate at different speeds.  If that’s true, then it’s possible that we are simply energy stuffed into bodies (matter), with brains as our control systems.  Our energy tells our bodies to do the things we’d like them to do, through our brains. What our bodies can do, is limited by what bodies can actually do.   Our energy is the director in the plays of our lives, acting through our bodies.  According to physics, energy can’t be destroyed, so it’s possible that what we are is infinite, while our bodies, made of matter, are obviously finite.  We live our lives within the boundaries of what our brains, and bodies, can do.  We are limited by what we can know, do, and understand, because the only real access we have to what’s going on, is through our limited brains.  We are characters in a video game, who cannot do anything outside the rules of the game.  We can’t flap our arms and fly, no matter how badly we’d like to do so, because flying is against the rules of what our bodies can do. Limited…that’s what we are.

Not all brains are the same.  I’m writing about brains that we consider to be healthy and functional. Whether we’re right or not is something else entirely.

Drugs can open doors to other planes of existence, to other realms.  Even then, we don’t know if what we find, or see, is controlled by the limitations of our brains.  So, here’s a question, one that we can’t answer:  can our energy/spirit/whatever we are,  actually break away from the rules imposed by our bodies/brains and see something, or be somewhere else, without being trapped by the rules of the game we are in?  Lots of people will say, “Yes.”  It seems as if we can.  Unfortunately, we can’t know because the people doing the experiment, as well as the people who are the experiment, all have brains.  Having a brain immediately limits every experiment, and the results must be explained within the constraints of HAVING a brain, in the first place.  That, is one of the most important things IN the experiments.  All experiments that are done, for any reason, have to take into consideration that all outcomes, designs, everything, are being filtered through the brains of those involved.  How can we design experiments that go beyond brain and body, while having both?  We can’t.  No matter where we are, no matter what we are, we will always be limited by what is possible in the existing environment.  So, does that mean that there is no place, or sense of being, that is THE place, or sense of being?  No home base, so to speak?  We can’t know, because right now all of our thoughts are about matter and living on this planet.  We are not able to go past what we are capable of doing while existing in our current state of being.

Near Death Experiences (NDEs) prove one thing…that each individual who has one, sees what they either expect to see, or they see what they see using language and visions that a human brain can understand.  Now, maybe what the human brain sees/understands is more universal than we imagine, but we can’t possibly know that.   It’s possible that once you leave your body, you are no longer tied to your brain, but what people see is what they would see if they were looking through their eyes, while using their brains to explain what was going on.  Some of them say that our language doesn’t have words to explain/describe what they have seen (intense colors, feelings for which we have no exact language…again limits of our brain/culture). I can understand that, since language itself is limiting, but still, they see people, relatives, their idea of god or hell and other things that humans have made up.  Some are told they can’t stay where they are and must go back to their bodies because it’s not time for them to leave.  Many don’t want to come back here, which again, is understandable.  Human/brain pictures/words.  For the moments/minutes they are dead, their reality is explained to them through human images/language.

Other drugs take people out of their reality and shove them into different ones.  One where there is no “I” and where nothing is familiar.  But, the drug is working on/through our human brains.   It might be possible that the connection of the energy/brain can be expanded/changed/opened up, but how can we know if that’s true?  If we truly disconnected from our  brains, wouldn’t we be brain dead?  If we are connected to our brains how can we not be influenced by them?  How long does a person have to be brain dead, to be able to let go of human visions, definitions, and everything else?  Drug’s allow shamans to do their work/heal, by opening doors to other places that are normally restricted to human brains.  But what they do is still done through body/brain.

Many people who experience NDEs, or use certain controlled drugs, are changed by their experience.  As  humans, we are changed by the things that happen to us, no matter what they are, but those experiences are intense and the “messages,” they receive as a result, change their world view and almost always for the better.  They are powerful life changing experiences.  If we could access those parts of our brains naturally, our world would be a more peaceful place, so why are those experiences unavailable to us, without almost dying or by using drugs?  Maybe, we wouldn’t be able to function, if we were able to fly away, but if that’s the case, why do we have those doorways in our brains to begin with…unless ist’s for future use.  But I don’t believe that. If we have the ability to learn different things, why are they only available if we are near death, or on specific drugs?

Does the thing we are, leave our bodies during dreams?  Do we visit real places, parallel lives, travel the universe?  Are we dreaming when we think we’re awake?  Are our dreams as real as what we call our waking lives, just on a different plane?

We don’t know very much at all.  Nothing, unless we qualify our terms with, “as beings with a brain,”  Our brains change outcomes, explain one of a kind experience (filtered through our brains, which have individual experiences that can only be real to the person having the experience).

I think we are everything, smashed into these tight bodies, suffocated, and unable to be our entire selves.  Completely controlled by our brains that limit everything we can do.  I think earth is a violent, beautiful,  kiddy park for bored energy that just has one goal…to experience everything there is to experience.  That means that we can go on forever, in whatever form we wish to take, because there’s probably no end to what we can do.  But we will always have to play by the rules put down by the place we’re in.  Or not.  Because we don’t have a clue as to who, or what, we are.  What if nothing is real?  What if everything is?  We are so closed off in this tiny reality in which we live, that we can’t think outside the box.  We don’t even see the box.  We are completely LIMITED by the rules of this game.  There is no other way to look at it because if you’re reading this, you have a brain and that brain is translating what I wrote, for you personally, based on your specific beliefs, experiences and the way your brain works.   We are limited by what our brains can do.

Just fun stuff to think about it.

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10 Responses to Us…

  1. lots to think about …i will need to re-read … thank for putting this together.

  2. Yes, Gigi. I think about things like this all the time because we act as if we know things and we don’t. We just make things up and pretend they’re real. It’s amazing to me that few question what’s going on.

  3. A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices. William James

  4. At any rate we are all (whateverwe are) just passing through this sphere

  5. You’re right and it’s the people who don’t who probably never will, or not care, one way or the other. It is what it is, right?

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