Okay, so…here’s another thing…

We don’t have the slightest idea what males and females are actually like,  I mean inherently.  Yes, women get pregnant and have more humans but, that’s about it.

What if…girls were not indoctrinated/brainwashed/conditioned to be the relationship keepers, the tenders, the minders, the mediators, the care takers or the poor.  What if we reversed what we did and dressed boys in pink, girls in blue.  What if we dressed boys in dresses and girls in pants and gave the girls trucks and guns and the boys dolls and purple ponies, with manes they could braid and comb?  If you think that would be a stupid thing for a boy to do, why do you think it’s okay for a girl to do?  Stupid is stupid, Stupid doesn’t know gender.

What if we taught boys be the helpers and let girls do whatever they liked.  What if we reversed the roles?   Roles are things that actors get, so they can PRETEND to be someone other than themselves.  Get it…we are teaching our kids to play a role that hurts them and stops them from finding out who they are.  It’s destroying our society, the actual world, because only one voice is ever heard.  What if we read love stories and sappy romance books to boys and read tough, travel the world, kick ass, books to girls?

What if we TAUGHT GIRLS THAT BOYS WERE SECOND CLASS CITIZENS, unworthy of our attention.  Things to be used and violated on the streets and pretty much anywhere they were.  What if we had laws that allowed girls to beat up boys and walk away.  What if we taught girls that boys should wait on them, clean, do chores and run errands while they watched tv, or just slept?  What if we dismissed them, paid them less, refused to make the streets safe, so that boys/men couldn’t go out alone at night without feeling afraid?

Things don’t HAVE to be the way they are.  The way things are is the way MEN want things to be.

We force genders into what they become.  The one’s who fight back and refuse to bend to the demands of an unjust and unfair society are treated poorly.

We could do to boys, what men have done to girls.   We could force/mold them into whatever we want them to be.  Many women would like to beat some guy up but the checks that have been put in place in female socialization won’t allow it.   We could do that to boys, we could condition and brainwash them into being non-violent and considerate.  We could teach them to never fight back.

MEN decided how they wanted women to be and they made it happen.  They write the laws and the laws say they can do whatever they want to us.  Society/men gave us our roles.  They keep them in place through violence and laws that only work to protect men.  They pay us less, so we are more dependent, and then bitch about how we’re always looking for a man, so we can survive.  They have kept us out of school, refused to let us vote.  The church won’t let women use birth control, even though they know they do.  Men want to write laws to CONTROL OUR BODIES.  What if women wrote laws to control men’s bodies?  You rape, surgery follows, and you won’t be able to do it again.  That or death.  We could do it.  When you’re in charge, you can do anything you like.  Men have always been in charge.  They have always raped and killed us.  That’s the law.

Gender roles have been planned and enforced, so that women are the UNPAID work force, things to be used and abused.   When one or two women make it to any position of power, they’re on the cover of magazines, to show others it can be done, but it’s not true.  The overwhelming majority of women are never going to be billionaires, millionaires, running their own companies.  Not as long as the strict gender roles and unfair laws are written and enforced by men, so that they can’t move forward/up.

A guy pushes a stroller and everyone thinks he’s amazing.  Women NEVER stop working, no one thinks it’s a big deal.  That’s what women are supposed to do…take care of everything, especially things men don’t want to do.


All of it.  Women have been played from the start.  We get the crumbs, enough to keep us quiet and able to do the cleaning.   It’s time that we stop smiling and start fighting back.  .

Here’s a thought.  What if girls and boys were given the SAME books to read. Books about fairness and equality?  What if boys and girls were taught to respect each other?  What if men and woman were paid the same wages?  What if men were taught not to beat and kill women, or children.  What if ponies were there for everyone, along with trucks and things that weren’t color coded?  What if everyone wore gender neutral yellow?  What if kindness was expected from all human beings along with fairness?  What if gender ROLES disappeared and there were only people?  What then?  What if each person was allowed to flourish and no one was held DOWN, for ANY reason.  Imagine a society where people could grow, create and be happy.  Yeah, I can’t imagine it either…not as long as powerful, rich, white guys keep enforcing the status quo.

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