Mission Impossible…the most impossible part was watching it. SPOILER ALERT

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What a truly awful film.  If it was a kids book it would say:  See Tom run.  See Tom drive.  See Tom run again and again and oh, once again.  See Tom drive again, and again…in a car, on a bike…see Tom drive.  Really bad.

My daughter kept asking me if I knew what was going on because so many things didn’t make sense.  And ya gotta love it when he breaks a window in a huge office building, with a small piece of furniture.  The glass shatters into a million pieces.  THAT would never happen.  Not in a million years.

Tom, can do anything, EXCEPT, drop a huge payload on the helicopter underneath him.  He missed.  I don’t know how to fly a helicopter but even I could have hit the target.  And if you like films that have a lot of scenes in dark basements or dungeons or dark, damp parking garages, so that you’re not sure who is shooting, then you’re gonna love this film.  And smallpox?  What?  Where did that come from?  I guess so he had something to stop from happening because it just showed up and he stopped it from killing people.  We don’t actually know why that particular disease showed up in the film, unless I was counting ceiling tiles, when the explanation was given.

The ending was a terrible fawning and horrifying Tom Fest.   It was embarrassing to  watch.  We groaned at how pathetic it was.  His partners and the two women in the film, who both love and adore him, naturally, were all smiling at him as if he was a newborn kitten.   Telling him they slept better because he was always there to save the world.  Gag! Then gag some more.  The guy’s ego has to be big enough to block the sun, to even include that in the film.

The saddest thing is that Tom can no longer show any emotions.  His face is frozen, either from too much botox, or surgery, so that only his bottom lip moves and he has no ability to to express himself.  My daughter kept saying, “He can’t move his face.  Nothing moves at all.  He really can’t move any part of his face.”  Oh, and the bad guy.  Really?  He’s practically mute and when he does speak, no one cares.  Plus, they can all shoot a fly off the moon but they miss the bad guys right in front of them, or they don’t shoot, until the bad guys have a chance to escape.

Only thing going for the entire film…the shots of Paris.  Otherwise. terrible, cheesy, awful movie.

 No stars or thumbs up for this one.

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5 Responses to Mission Impossible…the most impossible part was watching it. SPOILER ALERT

  1. Ah, Tom! I’m a little tired of Mission Impossible!

  2. Dan O. says:

    It’s a lot of fun. As is expected. Nice review.

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