This was a dream I had the night before last…The story was all there, words and everything.

The little boy stood on the sidewalk, in front of his house, screaming at the top of his lungs. “HELLO!  WHERE IS EVERYBODY?” he yelled.  He was trying not to cry.  He called out names, and continued to shout, until he was too tired to continue.

“Lad,” said a voice, from behind him.  “You’re not supposed to be here.”

“Yes, I am,” he whimpered.  “I live here but all the people are gone, the dogs too.  Look,” he said, “there’s no one on the streets.”

“It’s true what you’re saying,” said the huge man.

“You’re really big,” said the boy, staring up at him.

The man laughed.  “That I am.”

“Do you live around here?” asked the child, rubbing his nose on his sleeve.

“No,” answered the man, kindly.  “My friends and I will only be here for a little while, then we’ll be gone.”

“Are you visiting your mom?”

“I am not.” he said.

“Do you know where all the people went?”

The man sighed.  “I do.”

“Where did they go?”

“Well, it’s hard to explain.    See, we just stopped by to pick up a few things. Now, how would it look if we just walked in and took what we needed, while all the people were here?  They would be afraid and even angry.  Some, might even try to harm us.”

“That’s true,” agreed the boy.

“So, we put all of the people somewhere else, until we get what we need.   Then we’ll go away and they will come back, never knowing they were gone.  That way, there’s no trouble and no one will get hurt..”

“I guess,” he said, nodding.  “What do you need?”

“Oh, lots of things,”

“Shovels and candy?”

The man chuckled, and shook his head.  “We’re here for trees and animals.”

“That’s good, because you’re so big you would have to eat a lot of candy to fill up.”

The man smiled.  “You’re a smart one, I can see that.”

“So, there are no people anywhere?  Not on the entire planet?”

“That’s right, lad.”

“I’m the only one?” he said, his eyes huge.  “I’m the only person here?”

“You are.”

“That’s kind of scary.”

The man chuckled.  “Now, listen to me.  I can’t send you where the others have gone.  It’s too late for that, so you must go inside your house and stay there until the sun comes up tomorrow morning.  Do not come outside for any reason. Do you understand?”


“It will be dangerous for you.”


“Lad, I’ve already spent too much time with you.  I don’t know how you came to be here, but that doesn’t matter now.  You must stay indoors.”

The boy looked at the sky, which was quickly turning blood red.  “Okay,” he said.  “Can I watch TV and have ice cream?”

“You can do anything you like, just don’t leave the house.  Stay away from the windows and sleep.”

“Okay, bye,” said the boy, turning toward the house.  “Do you want an ice cream bar, before you go?”

“No thank you.  Now hurry inside.”

“Are you an alien?” asked the boy.

“Everyone who moves from one place to another is an alien at some point.”

The boy nodded and waved goodbye.  Then he went inside and locked the door.



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