Art and the philosophy of life

Coffee and books…

“How many languages do you speak?”

“Does Pig-Latin count?” she asked, sipping her coffee.

“I’m not sure,” he laughed.

“Why? Do you have an overwhelming need to tell me how many languages you speak?”

“Only if you want to know,” he said smiling.

“Oh, good, because I truly couldn’t care less.”

“Wow, not very friendly, are you?”

“You mean because I didn’t ask you to sit down and talk to me?  Or because I’m not saying the things you want to hear?”

“No wonder your alone,” he said, shoving the chair against the small table,  before walking away.

She took another sip of coffee and opened her book.

“Can I assume he wasn’t Prince Charming?”

“And you are?” she asked, turning the page.

“Are you kidding?  You need a Prince like an elephant needs ice skates.”

She turned another page.

“What are you reading?”

She held up the book.

Dark Days, by James Baldwin?”

“That’s what it says on the cover,” she sighed.  “It’s short.  I thought I could read it while I was having coffee and minding my own business, but people keep interrupting me.”

“Have a nice day,” he said, backing away.

She didn’t answer him, she just kept reading.

“Sorry, Lacy,” said Danny.  “This one’s on the house, for all the interruptions you’ve had.”

“Thanks,” she said,  “but it’s not your fault.  I don’t know why guys think they can just talk to any woman they see.”

“How else are we supposed to meet you guys?”


“If we don’t talk to you, how can we ever meet you?”

“But I don’t want to meet anyone,” she said, closing the book.

“I’ll make a sign for you, that reads, BACK OFF I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU SO GO AWAY!  You can put it on the table and save yourself all this grief.”

“I’d love that. You’re a good friend, Danny. Thank you.”

“Lacy, it was a joke,” he said, shaking his head.

“Then I’ll make my own sign, but thanks for the idea.”

“What if you miss the right guy, because of your sign?”

“There is no right guy,” she said.  “Thanks for the coffee.”

“All the tables are full,” said the man in worn jeans, and a white shirt, with the sleeves rolled up.  “Can I sit here? Not interested in conversation, just want to read.  I can see that you have a book as well, so if it’s not an imposition, I just want to share the space.”

She nodded and went back to her book.  An hour later, they both looked up and smiled.  “Thanks,” he said, “that was perfect.”

She smiled.

“Maybe we can do this again.  If we share a table, no one will bother us.”

“Good idea,” she said.

“See you tomorrow, same time?”

“Yes,” she said. “Tomorrow, same time.”

Danny stood behind the coffee bar watching them.  He smiled, as they left.  “Yeah, Lacy, there is no right guy,” he whispered.









Comments on: "Coffee and books…" (6)

  1. Thank you. Glad you liked it. ❤

  2. salamfromsalma said:

    That was a lovely short read! It stands well on its own, but I also like it as it is. The idea of book lovers finding peace and quiet in each other in this way is just adorable! (it’s something I’ve always secretly wished would happen to me.)

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