Yet — A Pondering Mind

via Yet — A Pondering Mind

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10 Responses to Yet — A Pondering Mind

  1. Thank you for the reblog…

  2. I have a sticker on one of my coolers that says this very thing. Humanity would do well to heed this advice. 😊

    • Most definitely. I don’t know if humanity knows how to THINK, that’s the problem. They’re better at following orders, since that’s what they have been trained to do. Thinking is a dangerous thing…threatening to those in power. But unless we start to think…all is lost and like what happens in, 1984…two plus two will equal five.

  3. We all need more practice. The amount of time I spend thinking has declined with wifi, smart phones and internet. My brain has become so accustomed to being passive, taking it, rather than processing.

  4. I agree, both are important. Definitely. 🙂

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