Okay, so…the right word…

I don’t think love is the answer to anything.  Wars are fought over love of country.  People are killed over love.  People beat their family members, according to their definition of love.  Yeah, love can be cruel and violent, as well as all the other things.  Not the answer.

Compassion isn’t the right word either.  It can be self serving and misplaced.  Given to people who don’t want, or need it. Used to get something from others. Not the answer.

Empathy is definitely not the right word.  It’s not even a word with a real meaning.  No one can put themselves in another person’s place…ever.  We can only use our own experience, or thoughts, to imagine what someone else is going through.  Not a good word for anything.

But there is a word that can solve the world’s problems.  It’s a simple word, but one that when put into play, erases all of the other words.  The other words disappear, as they should, since they never meant anything in the first place.   Not really.

There is only one word that can save the world and that word is kindness.  True kindness asks for nothing, it’s an automatic gesture, it’s what a person is.  There’s no thought to kindness, it just is. Kindness is a cure/answer to all of our ills.  It erases greed, power mongering, selfishness and violence.  We can’t be any of those things, if we are kind.  It’s simply not possible.  At least the way I see it.   Kindness opens our hearts and shows us that we don’t have to understand what another person/animal is going through, we simply have to see they are going through something, even if we don’t know what it is.  Our opinion, or understanding, isn’t important.  Kindness doesn’t need reasons, or explanations, it doesn’t need empathy, compassion or love, it simply sees a need and fills it. That’s why kindness is the word that the world is looking for.  We can’t hate, harm. or kill another living thing, if we’re kind.  On the other hand, humans can do all of those cruel things, if they use any of the other words.

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12 Responses to Okay, so…the right word…

  1. taphian says:

    Wonderful post with touching words. Empathy by the way is a Greek word and means that you share deep feelings with someone else, so it has a meaning like sympathy, too.
    When you are empathetic you are kind.

    • Thank you. I understand exactly what you’re saying. I meant that kindness doesn’t even need empathy. When you are kind, you don’t even have to understand, you just so what the other person/animal needs, regardless of your own feelings. That’s the difference between kindness and all of the other words. At least to me.

      • taphian says:

        That‘s really interesting to know:)

      • You know that old saying, NOT ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST? I believe that. Kindness accepts that and doesn’t try and change others, or act in ways that aren’t what another person needs. Kindness is also a way of accepting people the way they are and not interfering in their lives. Kindness is simply a way of life that accepts life as it is but never causes harm to other living things. It never feels that it knows what other people need. It just is.

      • taphian says:

        With more kindness the world would be a better place:)

  2. Bobby Blade says:

    I second the previous post. Great understanding on kindness. Let us all learn a little lesson here ✌️

  3. coloradopoet says:

    I’m glad I ran across this from July!! It mirrors my own belief. Empathy can be draining and can burn you out as a human being (This is certainly true in healthcare). Love can cause you to be blind and have poor decision making. I come from a family of co-dependents and love and familial ties can be incredibly damaging if they are not healthy. Kindness it is. Kindness is an action, it is meeting a emotional or physical need. It is consideration and courtesy without a payback. I add loyalty and courage. Loyalty because for me anyway because when I want to run away from some of my responsibilities (parent, wife, friend, daughter, sister, and as a professional) and be selfish it is Loyalty that prevents me from doing so. And lastly, courage. Courage is the inner strength to pick myself up after a bad day, year, from insult and injury and move forward. Courage is writing and being transparent to the world. Courage is trying when it feels hopeless and believing in good when bad is all around. Courage is drawing healthy boundaries with loved ones. Loved this post and really all of your posts!! Love the way you think:)

    • Thank you. I can’t tell you how I much I appreciate your kind words. I agree with what you said…except that when you want to run away…I don’t think that’s being selfish…I think you need a break and your body and mind have gotten to the point where they are telling you to RUN. LOL That’s because we don’t listen when they start telling us to take time for ourselves and we let it go until they are screaming at us. You are never selfish and wanting to get away is a survival instinct. Most of us feel that way now and then. Most of us don’t leave. 🙂 Thank you again.

  4. You’re not selfish to want something for yourself. That’s how women are taught to feel and that’s why so many of them are unhappy, or feel guilty. It’s okay to take time for yourself.

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