Planter in my yard…

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20 Responses to Planter in my yard…

  1. It’s overflowing with beauty!

    • Thank you. It’s so happy in its shady spot,:)

      • Nice job, your backyard is is a garden . My backyard is rather barren. I had to have my tree removed, it had subterranean termites. It was so pretty but started to “wilt”, I found a hole and thought a family of squirrels or some little critter was living there since i found some peanuts strewn around but it turned out to be the bad thing. 😢

      • It’s so awful…to lose a tree. Carpenter ants literally ATE my corkscrew willow. The tree was hollow. I loved that tree. Unfortunately, you can’t plant another one until you get ride of the termites. You get to have a garden year round. We have to squeeze ours in in a very short time. By the time everything is getting big enough…things start to die…frost takes the plants and we all have to throw everything away and wait eight months to see them again. So you can have fun whenever you like and I’m so happy for you. 🙂 I can’t even imagine that. When I was in Florida and saw the geraniums as big as bushes I was astonished. Ours are in wee pots. LOL They never have time to get bit. I’m so sorry about your tree. So sorry.

      • It is a blooming paradise here 😍but so unpredictable this time of year. My tree was hollow too. I have to kill off the roots before I can plant. There. Have a beautiful day Gigi. Sorry about your Willow, My favorite tree!

      • I love corkscrew willows. Willows, in general. You get to have flowers all year long and that’s, as you said, a “blooming paradise.” You have to be in the mood to plant and care for things. I don’t know if I could sustain that commitment year round. LOL It’s a lot of work. I’ve let things slide because of the poison ivy. I still don’t know where it is. Weed, however, are happy and growing like crazy. Sigh. Hope you have a great weekend. I LOVED your post. Sang the entire song and danced. Excellent fun. ❤

      • ♥️ I’m glad , if anyone deserves to dance it’s you!

      • Dancing can get one out of the most awful mood. Crank up the music and start moving…hard to be unhappy when you’re dancing.

      • So true! Music works miracles !

      • Without a doubt. It’s the language of the world and all the things in it.

      • It is a gift for the senses. I exodct itbis a natural as walking and talking , babies start dancing and feeling the rhythm right away.

      • I love it when toddlers start dancing…in public…whenever they hear the beat. I think adults should be able to do that as well. We have to be taught NOT to dance. Horrible. I love movies where everyone is dancing everywhere. Step UP films are great. We all should be able to dance outside when the music is good. Might get a bit messy but sometimes it’s contagious and I can see people dancing around THE BEAN on Michigan Avenue. LOLOL The cops would be alllll over that.

      • Remember the old 60’s song “ Dancin in the Street”. Yep, we should do that!

      • Great song. Every Friday, ore every other Friday, people should be able to dance in the street. LOL

      • What did I just say. Auto correct is killing me.

      • It’s like that for all of us, believe me.

  2. swamiyesudas says:

    You have a Beautiful garden. Kudos and Regards. 🙂

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