If we don’t have a destination, every road leads to nowhere and everywhere, at the same time.   Life is exactly like that.  If we wander around, without anything in mind, everything is open to us.  Sometimes we need destinations and sometimes we don’t.  Both are important, when it comes to having fun and a good life.

When we’re not open and wandering, good stuff can’t find us.  It can’t get in.  At other times, if we don’t have a destination in mind, we can get lost.   Life’s like that, we just have to know when we need one or the other.


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4 Responses to Roads…

  1. Destination is important. Otherwise you just wAnder

  2. gserpent says:

    Life is a dance not a journey. In a journey you want to get to the destination. The whole point of a dance is to dance. Life is playful. It isn’t going anywhere. Life does not have a destination to arrive at. You are supposed to dance while the music of life is being played. At least that is how I see it.

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