To be educated…

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Being educated has nothing to do with what other people wrote, or said.  Being educated, to me, means tearing things apart and seeing what harm their words caused, what their words reinforced, how their words kept people in place, how they worked to keep the status quo safe, how their words kept men in power, how their words destroyed lives.

Education isn’t about living in the past, believing and dwelling on what happened before.  The words of the past are cautionary tales, meant to show us where things went wrong.  The words are there to show us the lies, and who benefited from them.

Education is learning to think for yourself, to see the flaws, to recognize the way people are manipulated.  Hopefully, future generations, if there are any, will see our mistakes, and never let them happen again.  Until we start teaching children to see the lies, and the manipulation, the past will keep repeating itself.  Kids have to learn to SEE the mistakes, not just be conditioned to believe what they are told.  As long as people bow down to the great masters,  who were all men, they won’t be able to think around what they are reading.  Like hungry pigs, they will eat up the words and find them delicious, without ever asking where they came from, who died, so they could eat them, what their intentions were and who got richer, and more powerful, because of them.

I don’t believe in “masters,” of anything.  One has to remember the church, popes, kings and all the other males, who were in charge.   Men who controlled thoughts and words.  When you look at it that way, you can see why we can’t just accept what was given to us by the spoiled brats.

I’m not impressed by those who can quote this one or that one.  I’m impressed by those who can think for themselves and aren’t fooled by what we are expected to believe, or worship.  Maybe it’s just me, but when only one voice, the male voice, can be heard, it doesn’t count.  Not at all.  It represents, power over others.  Seeing through the garbage that is shoved at us, is the only thing that’s important.  At least to me.

Real education is teaching children to question everything.  To ask them, “What’s wrong with this story? Who benefits from the way it’s written, who gets left out, or harmed by the author’s words?  What is it trying to make you believe?”  Education is, teaching them to take things apart and see who wrote it and why.  To look for the people who suffered because of what was written, to see how got rich on the words. That’s education.

How to think for yourself, is the best gift we can give to a child.  How not to obey, or believe what they are told, by people paid to keep them in place, paid to teach them empty words that stick in their throats, words and lies passed from one generation to the next, without ever being questioned.  Look where NOT questioning everything has gotten us.  The church, the government, any institution, wants you to OBEY, to submit to its patriarchal demands.  Education reinforces how the men in power want us to behave…what they want us to believe.   That’s what schools are for.  To teach kids to shut up, sit down. and believe, what they are told to believe.   Parents, who were educated in that system, help the men in power bring up the next generation to obey, by forcing them to read books that are on the required reading lists, etc.  Parents are the greatest assets, a culture has, when it comes to bringing up kids to fit into the status quo.  To obey, to be ‘GOOD.’

No one wants trouble.  That’s how people are kept in place, kept down, controlled.  If people had the courage to stand up and fight back, things would change, but they left their personal power, and the ability to think for themselves, at the desk in their classroom, at the alter, in front of the priest, whose kick back is boy candy and people who will do as they  are told until they die.  Let’s not forget the money given to that greedy group of MEN.

Everything we do is affected by what we were taught.  Unless we think outside the school, church, and everything else, we are lost.  Our planet is being destroyed.  Children are being ripped out of the arms of their mothers, hate speech has become the norm.  At least teenagers are standing up and fighting back.  They are dragging adults into the light.  They are role models for other kids, as well as adults.  So far they have one issue, Gun Control.  See, that’s the problem.  We can’t change the world one issue at a time.  We need to go to the root of all the problems, and that means government, religious control.  If you get rid of the greedy powerful men in charge, the problems will go away.  By going after one problem at a time, we spread ourselves too thin and accomplish nothing.

We need to start educating children how to survive in a world that wants to use them up as a resource for the power machine.  We are the workers, being used to feed the rich.  We are the slaves, and our drug is to consume.  1984 has been in effect for a long time.  Time to stop looking the other way.  Time to stop believing what MEN have said in books.  Time to reeducate ourselves by looking at what we were taught and seeing it for what it is…a way to control the masses.

Anyway, that’s what I tell kids.  You want to be as free as possible?  Don’t believe anything they tell you.  Think for yourself.  NEVER bow down to ANYONE, don’t obey, just because someone tells you to.  Walk away.  Drop out.  You can only play Monopoly by yourself for so long.  You can’t have a war, if no one shows up.  We have the power, but they brainwashed us into believing that they did.  We have been controlled by fear.  We need to get over that.  It won’t be easy, but it’s the only we we can survive and still remember that life doesn’t have to be constant war and hate.  Once we forget that, and accept that all life is, is war and hate, it’s over.

Every book you’ve had to read had an agenda.  It had an agenda for those living at the time it was written, and it has an agenda now.  It’s called propaganda.


Dick and Jane.  How cute.  Adorable drawings, that kept women tied to the sink, while men got to go out into the real world and do as they pleased.  Men got to come home to clean children, a dog named Spot, and a hot dinner, made by a SMILING woman, wearing a dress and an apron.  The woman had no choices at all.  None.  The man had the power to do anything he liked.   That was the control mechanism during that period of time.  That’s how they taught kids to be ready for what was coming, when they were adults.  Dick and Jane made it perfectly CLEAR, where each gender belonged.   They were brainwashed at an early age, by  a happy family, in a book for children.  See, the happy part is important.  The book said, in pictures, if you want to be happy…this is what you have to do.  For girls, it meant giving up their dreams and life. For men, it told them the world belonged to them.  People didn’t realize what the message was, at the time.  They loved the books, that’s why they were printed the way they were.  Dick and Jane were not accidents.  Dick and Jane were a form of control.  It happened then, it’s happening now.  Just sayin’.

And ask yourself this:  if words aren’t dangerous, why do they imprison authors, artists, the Martin Luther King Jr’s of the world, and all the others who speak out for justice, equality and freedom?  Don’t ever kid yourself into believing that what we teach in school isn’t scripted for a reason.


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23 Responses to To be educated…

  1. Let’s not leave out the women who are tearing us down because following ( behind) men is all they know and they turn their back on liberation. It’s easier being lead by the nose and not having to act and make decisions for themselves. This is not man bashing, but a cry out to women before our Supremd court becomes a battleground against the rights of women.

    • Definitely. They believe the promise that they’ll be safe if they follow the rules, plus they get second hand power from being with men, who have power, according to their position. Plus women are expected to compete for male attention, wealth, position, shelter, food, kids, and protection. We have to do it early, because we have an expiration date. Men don’t.

      • We are moving backward. The powers that be are trampling the progress women have made. If you are not white Christian male you are second class , no better than s dog in a leash. When I see our elected women in congress so cowardly they will not stand up for their own gender it sickens me. Great post Gigi. Truth is thruth.

      • Thank you so much. Fear is running wild in the government, right now. People are fired everyday by an idiot, who has no working brain cells. The republicans say that he’s stolen the party but what, exactly are they doing, to stop him? Don’t know if they can stop him. They are trying to hold onto the power they have. They don’t want to be like everyone else, powerless. They have to kiss his ring, even though that doesn’t insure their safety. It’s insane that there’s nothing in place to get him out of office.

      • Couldn’t agree more.

      • 🙂 have a great weekend.

  2. Maria says:

    I love learning. It can also be addictive, however. This is what I envy from animals. They don’t have to worry about this ‘human’ all too human thing.😂

    • Animals are smarter than we are. They travel light and accept the earth the way she is. They don’t try and change Her. You’re right about learning being addictive. I didn’t think about it that way but I guess that’s true for me as well. Thank you.

  3. Resa says:

    A great article, Gi!
    First off, just as Holly has said, there are women who will stab us other women in the back. Womanhood is not a solid sistership. Second, there are men who completely agree with what you espouse. They are our friends and supporters. Third, everything I’ve just said “doesn’t amount to a hill of beans”. You are spot on. Religion, education and government are the bad guys. “The meek shall inherit the earth”, MY FOOT! The meek shall be trampled into the earth.

    • You said that PERFECTLY! The meek are there to work for the strong. More lies. They won’t inherit anything at all. And yes a lot of men are the good guys and the women the backstabbers. It’s the institutions and the hatred, inequality and greed that’s part of our culture that is the problem.

      • Resa says:

        I’m still recovering from your supreme leaders last few days on the world stage. Seem the entire world are his meek, except for the odd dictator & some of the richest leaders.

      • Terrifying and apparently no one can stop him. Maybe another civil war is in the making but how I can’t imagine, since it won’t be the south against the north, like last time. It can’t even be blue states against red, since even in those states there’s a mixture of people. I don’t know what’s going to happen.

      • Resa says:

        Crazy, but I’ve expressed that possibility,only to be told I’m crazy!

      • You are definitely not crazy. You’re right.

  4. mcaimbeul says:

    Since ancient times men have feared the power of the Goddess which resulted in the age of male hysteria that continues today as they pummel the villages to ruins.

    • So very, very true. The destruction is in their never ending terror, greed, need for power over others and hatred. They are blinded by those things, as a group. It’s built into our culture in every way possible. We don’t even see it. People accept the things that happen as the way things are and never think about the fact that it’s designed to be this way by the people in power. A professor once said, “Men can love individual women, but men hate women as a whole.” Sigh. Thank you for your enlightened comment. I appreciate it very much. We’re all going to die because of them, by the way. Their tunnel vision will be the end of it. Not a bad thing, mind you, just the way it’s going to be. Diseases often kill their host, right?

  5. sudershana says:

    A powerful read. This is indeed a great article, I was wondering since ages how controlled we ‘women’ have been kept in control.
    Such a truth has been told that, always what is written, is not important to hold rather to ask why it had been written?
    That story of yours is the perfect depiction of the scenario then and now.
    You are right, words are very powerful reason you’ve already been told to us.
    Amazingly well written. Thanks!
    Love & hugs

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. We have to question EVERYTHING and see who benefits from words, laws, rituals and cultural beliefs. I can tell you right now, women do not benefit. Everything is set up for the male power structure and we are taught to believe that that is okay. It’s not. Ever. Thank you again.

  6. Henry Lewis says:

    It’s true, humans aren’t very good at learning from history, as is all too evident when examining the policy decisions being made in Washington, DC these days. In addition, the aim of most educational systems is to churn out like-minded citizens who will adhere to society’s rules. The truly valuable teachers are the ones who openly encourage students to think critically and question their own perspectives, those of their leaders and, indeed, history itself. Well-said!

    • Schools are arms of the status quo (church or state). They sort and label kids, putting them into boxes. That’s schools are for…to weed out the kids who can think for themselves and ask questions that buck the system. Kids who buck the system are called behavior disordered, trouble makers, uncooperative, and shoved into the dust bins for their futures. Those are the kids who can make a difference, of course. The kids who won’t always sit down and shut up. The kids who demand to be heard. The kids who don’t “fit” into the status quo. Educators who support them, are often disliked as well. That’s how the system works. Schools keep things running smoothly and condition children to be the next generation of “yes-men.” You can see how well that’s working out. LOLOL The cream doesn’t rise to the top, not in church or state, the idiots do.

  7. coloradopoet says:

    Yep …. that’s what I teach my kids. Never believe a damn thing until you’ve looked at it from every angle. And do let let anyone tell you they hold all the answers.

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