Cat Black Cat Green Eyes Domestic Pet Feli

My name is Dark Matter.  My witch and I weave the world into being.  Without us, nothing would exist.  A witch and her familiar are bound together by their magick, by their hearts.  We just wanted you to know.

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4 Responses to Familiar…

  1. Hahaha. We’ve got one just like that. He’s a lover though. More into cuddles than mischief. He’s like a little panther. 😃

    • You are so fortunate to have a such a beautiful cat. Some of them are definitely lovers. So sweet. ❤

      • My wife found him at the end of the road, back in December. He’s been as chilled out as any cat I’ve ever met, and has been from day one. Made himself right at home. He’s now the Prince of Neverblue Farm. 😃

  2. Such a great story. And Neverblue Farm is a wonderful name. I’m so happy for all of you. Cats know where they belong. My daughter was at a BBQ, in Wisconsin. A cat walked down the gravel road and joined the party. Sat on her lap the entire time and went home with them. She has been the perfect cat for years. She walked into their house, lay down and let the dog smell her and then became Queen of the house. She is also chilled out and fabulous. Lucky families who are chosen by cats, who know exactly how to pick out the right family.

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