Okay, so…this is the first issue of this magazine


So, I read this magazine.  It’s filled with articles on how to change the world.  It is a serious magazine, with serious people, writing about non-violent and serious things/topics.  The magazine, and the ideas in it, are supposed to make people feel good.  They didn’t make me feel good.  Older kids trying to save the environment, crafts people and artists, doing their things.  Issues about food, cars, bikes, and stoping violence against women.  Issues from around the world.  Issues that need to be solved.

I’m not saying that the people dedicating their lives, and their art, toward these issues aren’t and won’t make a difference.  I’m saying that they are a drop of rain in a thunderstorm.  I don’t want to feel that way.  I want to say that what they are doing is better than doing nothing at all. I want to believe that by stitching positive messages onto cloth and putting them where people will see them will bring about lasting change, on a scale big enough to notice, but I don’t believe that it will.

Yes, some people, maybe even a lot of people, will be affected by what the people in the magazine are doing, and I hope that that turns out to be the truth, but realistically, I’m not holding my breath.

Their answer to violence against women/rape, is to stop men from being addicted to women.  To stop using female bodies to SELL things.  To stop using women at all.  Well, right, and pigs fly at night.  They didn’t mention the fact that many/most men hate women as a group.  How many don’t see women as anything but prey.  They talk about teaching boys to respect girls, to see them as equal, while boys are living in a world that teaches them the exact opposite, everywhere they look, in everything they see.

The magazine is a nice idea.  Some of the people in it, are bringing about change one person at a time.  On a grand scale.  Yeah, no.  The ending of cars and the use of bikes, in other countries, is already a good thing, and more and more countries are very successful in what they are doing in that area.  But this issue is being supported by the government of each country.  It’s not one or three people trying to bring about huge changes by themselves.

I don’t see an end to violence in any form, let alone against women.  Men could stop raping and beating and killing women and children immediately, right this second, if they just decided not to do it.  If laws weren’t in place to allow them to do it and protect them when they did it.  If men changed their minds, and decided to stop hurting women and children, we wouldn’t need any laws at all. Men want to do it, so they do, and society tells them it’s okay because the guys who write the laws are the same as they are.   It’s pretty simple, really.  Violence is part of our culture, woven in and tied off with thick, invisible thread.  It’s so much a part of it/us, we don’t even realize it.  It’s a sick and twisted thing.  We have been conditioned to accept violence and see it as normal.  That’s the sick part.

Anyway, the magazine is very nice, if unrealistic, in some areas.

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2 Responses to Okay, so…this is the first issue of this magazine

  1. timkeen40 says:

    I am a man and I like the female human body. I don’t deny that. I won’t deny that.
    I also have a daughter that just turned eighteen. I have seen the way other men look at her.
    Grown men just like me.
    Looking at my daughter the way I look at other daughters.
    All those models who look so hot…are younger than my sons…
    Not too much older than my own daughter.



  2. You’re welcome. Your daughter will always be in danger, you know that, right? Every parking lot, every bathroom, every elevator, everywhere she goes. That’s how women live, because of men. Never really safe unless other men, stronger men, are with us and can protect us from the others. Most women don’t even realize that they are always listening, watching who is around them. It’s how we grow up, how we live. Unable to move freely through our lives. It’s wrong. It’s unfair. It’s a hateful way to live…because of what men do, can do, will do, to all of us…including your daughter. She’s one of us, so she’s fair game. Sick, isn’t it? College is now a dangerous place for females. Shamefully unsafe. Rape is out of control and they have been brushing it under the rug to keep getting money. Female students are marching, protesting and schools are under investigation. Girls are drugged and gang raped in frat houses and bathrooms. Nice, right? There is no safe place for females. No place at all. We are all someone’s daughter. The women who are beaten, and killed, raped and tortured…everyone of them is someone’s child. Men don’t care, unless it’s a woman who belongs to them.

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