I wish there had been none a lot sooner.  Give me Miss Marple, or Hercule Poirot, any day.


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  1. Agreed. Once played the housekeeper, the first one to be killed!

  2. I can’t even imagine. Hope you are well and happy. Love keeping in touch.

    • Likewise. I’m not going mad these days to catch up with the posts of others because I need a life but there are certain bloggers, like you, that I find impossible to cut out! I’m very well and since last Thursday I have had a new stalking – another rescue dog who’s been flown over from Cyprus. I’ve been missing Pisch in Crete so much that I knew I had to get another. She’s a delight and we are already devoted to each so I am extremely happy! I hope you are too. Not easy in this benighted world.

      • Thank you. I wouldn’t drop your blog either. And yes, it can be hard being her, that’s for sure. I’m so glad that you are well and loving your new do. That’s wonderful news. Congratulations. Best of everything to both of you.

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