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Things are different…

I know things are different, because at one time I used to look at a baby and not think about it’s future.  Now, when I see a baby, I wonder what drugs it will be on, if it will find a job, or just sit in its parents basement and play video games until someone comes and drags the kid to a clinic for addicted players, and tries to reprogram him/her.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but adult children are living at home longer and longer.  Some never move out, while others try and leave, but end up coming back.  The whole idea of adulthood needs to be reevaluated/redefined.  I know people in their 50’s who are living with their mothers.  Who would date someone who was living at home at that age?  Seriously, who?  Maybe someone who was still living with his or her mother, I guess.

Parents are having a difficult time.  I just heard of a couple who sued their child to get him out of their house.  He refused to leave.  They won their case and the court made the kid finally get out.  A lot of parents are miserable, never having signed up for a life of parenting children through adulthood.  Many parents can’t retire, because their adult children are a constant drain on their resources.  I’ve heard so many horror stories.

A lot of adult children are not willing to work at just any job.  They seem to believe that they are special, and deserve a ten figure salary, a car, and an expense account, even if they have few skills, no experience, and little education.  Until they get what they believe they deserve, they are more than willing to wait for their ship to FIND THEM IN THEIR MOHTER’S BASEMENT.  They don’t care if they ask their aged parents to get a job bagging at the grocery store, so they can have more of someone else’s money, either.  I know of a son who asked his father to get a job, so that he could have the money.    The kid, naturally, did not work.  The retired father didn’t do it, by the way.

My question…what is wrong with PARENTS?  Who would let their kid/s live with them forever, even bringing spouses and children home with them?  Yeah, no.  I don’t think so.  Isn’t that what all the shrinks and guru’s call ENABLING?  Enabling…BIG TIME.  And whatever happened to taking responsibility for one’s own actions?

I know of an older women who works full time, while her adult child sits in her house, with her spouse and kids watching TV, while she’s at work.  She allows that to happen.  This story is NOT unusual.  More and more children are not growing up…not becoming self sufficient.  In case anyone hasn’t noticed…this is a growing problem.

A problem solved by some kids who just keep going to school, and continue to get deeper and deeper into debt.  A debt they will never be able to repay.  That’s another problem. Something’s wrong.  Kids are in debt before they start, because of the outrageous cost of college.  Parents mortgage their homes, so their kids can go to school and come out without any jobs in sight.  Something is wrong.

We are crashing and burning in lots of ways that are under the radar.  We are being distracted by the big lies/issues, and we are overlooking the fact that things are falling apart underneath.  The base that held everything up, is crumbling.  More and more, it seems, young adults are less able to care for themselves.  Something is very, very, wrong.



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  1. You are so right!

  2. Yes, I agree. Losing touch with each other. No doubt about that. My daughter just sent me a video about that. I’ll see if I can post it. It’s quite good.

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