I could not read this book…

First of all, she did not randomly choose a shelf of books to read. She had many rules/criteria to be met, before she finally made her decision, so that was a lie.  There was nothing at all random about what she did.

The author, who mentions again and again that she is well educated in Lit, might actually be incapable of reading for pleasure.  She researches the authors and the text.  She takes the book apart, reads different versions, and basically, leaves the book dead and empty, in the middle of the street of story telling.

You will notice, on the front cover, it mentions that she will tell you HOW TO READ A BOOK.  I always just opened one and started reading.  This woman sucks the life out of every word.  Leaving behind nothing but dust and crumbled pages behind.

She loves old Russian authors and ended up reading stories that even she did not like, but she researched them anyway.  I felt that she thought if she just got more information, it would change her mind.  She acted as if the opinions of other critics, etc., made a difference.  As if she should be smarter, more well informed, so that she would see the worth, of a worthless book.  I read the beginning, then started skimming, then skipping, then I just stopped.  Sad book, every detail gnawed to the bone.

I wouldn’t even want to meet this person, in the very special library to which she belongs.  A library where you have to pay to become a member.  Her writing style, and fixation on minutia, was so dull that I just had to stop.

And no one truly knows what authors are thinking, when they write their stories.  She reads things into every paragraph, takes the story apart, and leaves nothing behind and never realizes it’s all in her own mind.  Somehow, she remains a student.  She will believe what others tell her to believe.  That’s what her education did to her.  Either way.  I couldn’t stand it.

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11 Responses to I could not read this book…

  1. I trust you, Gigi! 🙂

  2. Deb Whittam says:

    What a sad outcome. I always find that a world comes alive when I read

  3. How terrible. Really, I feel sorry for you. No one should have to sit through something like that.

  4. There are Idiots among us, and she is one of them…

  5. Very full of herself, it seems.

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