Art and the philosophy of life

Ice cream…and aliens

Ice Cream Sundae Ice Cream Sundae Vanilla

Do you think alien’s, the one’s who don’t live here, or visit, have ice cream, where they come from?  If they don’t, and they can digest it, how can they not stay here, or at least learn how to make it and bring it home.  What if they only eat dust, or a mineral that comes from mica?  Seriously, what if they can’t eat ice cream.

Maybe they won’t care, anymore than we would, if they expected us to eat a bowl full of mica. But it just seems as if ice cream should be a UNIVERSAL thing.  That every planet should have what is needed to make it.  Sure, I could be wrong, but sharing root beer floats, or hot fudge sundaes, or malts, or cones, might be the best thing we could serve at an intergalactic peace conference.

See, that’s the thing.  Some of us evolved to eat ice cream and others evolved to eat mica, or something like it.  Differences.  Always differences.  That’s what makes it interesting, right?

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