A very short story about GOD…

“Why do you always tip-toe past the cat, when she’s on the chair?” he asked.

“Because she might be sleeping,” she answered.

“She’s always sleeping but even if you wake her, she’ll just close her eyes and go back to sleep.”

“One must always be careful around GODS, little brother.  They are unpredictable and magical.  They always land on their feet, and they have very sharp claws.  Sometimes they don’t wish to be disturbed, because they are busy dreaming the world into existence.”

“I never thought about her in that way,” he said, staring at the gray cat, curled into a ball.  “I’ll be more careful, from now on.  I wouldn’t want to wake her at the wrong moment, and have everything disappear.”

“It wouldn’t hurt to give her a treat now and then, as well.”

“I’ll carry some in my pocket.”

“As it should be,” she said, creeping past the dozing GOD, her fur, a halo, in the sunlight.




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