The conversation…

“Why are all the things we like to eat bad for us and why do cats and dogs and the other animals we love die so quickly and why do people get sick and why are people mean  and why are there wars and why don’t people love the people who love them and why are there spiders and plants that bite and why…”

“You mean why is life the way it is?” asked the girl’s mother.

“Yes.  Why?”

“No one knows.”

“It’s mean,” said the girl, sadly.

“Life is mean, or it can be.  But there are rainbows along the way.”

“Rainbows aren’t enough.  Not for me.”

“I know that and I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?”

“Because life can be even more difficult for those who don’t think rainbows are enough.”

“Rainbows are only there to remind us of what we can’t have, what we can’t hold onto.  They are a tease, a cruel taunt of another way of seeing.”

“They are a sparkling reminder that all is not lost,” said her mother.

“To you maybe.”

“We see different things,” said her mother.  “I wish I could give rainbows to you, so that you could keep them.”

“I don’t want rainbows.  I want a sharp sword.”





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2 Responses to The conversation…

  1. leegschrift says:

    Oh dear, I see the rainbow cut in two unequal pieces. Done! Can’t get back now.

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