Jasper Kingsley…Thirty-four

“I’m so confused,” said Aie.  “Rita is such a nice person.  She’s sincere, fun and happy.  She’s not like…”

“I told you that all the humans aren’t the same, anymore than all fairies are.”

“I know.  It’s just that having first hand experience with one, well, it makes a difference.”

“You have to stop talking about them as if they were something strange and different.  You call them they all the time, as if they aren’t related to us in anyway at all.”

“They ARE other.  They are NOT like us,” said Aie, loudly.  “You’re the one who needs to wake up.”

Jasper stared at Aie.  “I…I…it’s not like that.”

“It’s exactly like that.  As much as I refuse to see our similarities with humans, you refuse to see our differences.”

Jasper stared straight ahead.  “You’re absolutely right.  I think that’s been a huge problem for me all along.”

“I’m right?” asked Aie, in astonishment.

“You are definitely right.  I never would have seen that by myself.  Thank you.”

“Would you put that in writing, so that I can frame what you said?  Please?  Do that for me, will you?  The part about the fact that I’m right?

“I haven’t really understood our differences.  I have admitted and recognized them  but I haven’t truly understood what they mean.  I’m like everyone else in Fairy.  I look at humans as other and as something to study.  How did I not see that?”

“You didn’t see it because you think like a Fairy.  You ARE a Fairy.  You were raised to BE a Fairy, in Fairy.  You learned to think the way we all did,” said Aie.  “It’s not your fault. Everything we learned as children was put into our heads by others.”

“It’s so difficult to see passed what was put into us.  It’s a struggle and there’s truly no way to get it right because we are blinded by our own experiences.”


“We have to over come what we are, in order to become something new.  But we can’t even see what we are because…we simply are…what we are.  If we are able to change, we just change into something else.  Something with different ideas that come from…out there.”

“You’re not making any sense,” sighed Aie.  “Drink this,” she added, handing Jasper a tall glass of orange juice with ice.”

“Thank you.  You have no idea what you’ve done for me today,” said Jasper.

“My pleasure, even though I don’t have a single clue, as to what you are talking about.”

“We know a lot about them.  They don’t know we exist.  Not for real, anyway.”


“I’m not sure.”


“Anything, anymore.”

“That’s good, it will give you more room to think,” said Aie, smartly.

“Do you think so?”

“Absolutely.  You were as locked into your way of thinking as I was locked into mine.”

“I was,” smiled Jasper.  “Thank you for helping me to finally see that.”

“Want a donut?”

“Do pigs fly?” laughed Jasper.

“They do when they’re in Fairy,” said Aie, throwing a donut across the table.

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