Jasper Kingsley…Thirty-two

“I’ve been thinking,” said Aie.  “Do you think we’re that mean to humans?”

“You have to be kidding,” said Jasper, startled.  “We play with them, use them, torture them and kill them, so a big yes, to that question.”

“But it’s not like they actually matter, do they?”

“They matter as much we do.”

“Now you’re just being ridiculous.  They live for fifteen minutes.   We live forever, or almost.”

“Life span doesn’t enter into it, Aie.  They have their own lives.  It’s the same thing they do to  animals.  They look down on them, kill, and eat them.  They don’t see that animals have the right to live either.  Exactly the same.  They use them and kill them.  They’re just like we are.  They don’t care what they do to animals anymore than we care what we do to them.”

“So, it’s okay to keep taking them?  I mean they live longer with us.”

“Live longer, without choices.”


“You’ve met Rita.  Would you want to chain her to your tree?  Beat her, make her dance for hours so you could watch?  Would you want to do any of the things we do to them, to her?”

“Well, she’s different.”

“That’s what humans say about their pets too.  They kill other animals but try not to kill their own pets.  Humans are our pets, animals are theirs.”

“Why do you always have to make things so difficult.  I was fine with the way humans were treated and then you introduced me to Rita and I actually like her.  She fed us warm brownies.”

“And the brownies didn’t have a glamour on them so that we would fall under her spell.  She was straight up and friendly.  She was nice.”

“So maybe we should just take the bad ones.”

“I’m okay with that,” said Jasper, smiling.  “But Fairy will get awfully crowded, awfully fast.  You can count on that.”

Aie laughed.  “You’re probably right.  I’m sure we can find a way to use them.”

“I’m sure that we can.”

“Thank you Jazz.”


“Showing me a different way to look at things.  I guess I got so used to seeing the same things all the time that I forgot there were other ways of seeing something.  All humans aren’t horrible.  I like Rita.”

“Good because we are having lunch with her again in twenty minutes.”

“I don’t even mind that she’s thick and heavy.”

“She’s not at all thick and heavy.  At least not for a human.  She’s thin.”

“She’s heavy on her feet.  Humans can’t fly, or move with grace and you know it.”

“They are graceful for what they are.”

“Yes.  I guess that’s true.  For what they are but I don’t know how they can stand being that thick.  Their footsteps sound like mountains falling, every time they take a walk.”

“We are wispy?  Is that what you’re trying to say, Aie?”

“No.  We are light and ethereal.”

“That too,” snickered Jasper.

“If a bad man approaches us can I take him?”

“Be my guest and if you send him to Fairy, put him into the pit.”

“See, now you’re making sense.”

“Let’s meet Rita, come on.”

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