I heard someone say, “When all is said and done…”  And I thought, when all is said and done…then it’s over.  I think it means death.  There’s nothing left, at least not here, not once all is said and done.  We say weird things all the time.  Little sound bytes of strange and twisted meanings and yet, people think the words make sense.  The thing is, each person hears something different and takes away a different meaning, so we rarely know what anyone is getting out of the conversation.  We spend our entire lives assuming that we are being understood and that we understand…and we don’t…not always…maybe not ever.  Still, we muddle through.  Muddle is a strange word all on it’s own, don’t you agree.  I like it.  Muddle seems warm and cozy like Miss Marple.  Just sayin’.

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2 Responses to So…

  1. Lady Lazarus says:

    I agree with your ideas of the word muddle 😊

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