Okay, so…

I picked up a quote book last week and I’ve been reading it, when my other five books aren’t right next to me.  Anyway, it’s hard to read because it’s printed in pale red ink but that’s not the point.  I’ve been reading the quotes, one after another, and some of them are great and the others don’t even make sense to me.  It’s as if the person who wrote the words is from a different planet, or talking about a utopian dream he had last night.

I also noticed that some of the quoters, who write about all kinds of wonderful things, are people who are despised by their own children, because of neglect.  They are people who have cheated on their partners and done some pretty nasty things in the world.  I wonder about that.  I mean no one is perfect but I’ve read about some of these people and they don’t actually practice what they preach, that’s for sure.  Maybe in one little corner of their lives they stay true to their statements but….well, it’s a lot of, do as I say, not as I do.  Some have made the lives of others miserable and unhappy but here they are, in print, telling us all to pull together, make the world a better place and get on with it.  Strange, when they themselves hurt the people around them.

Is everyone expected/supposed to just overlook the reality of what they have done?  Also, most/many have never actually lived lives like a lot of other people.  It’s interesting to read quote after quote and put the ideas together.  Reading it as a book, instead of just looking at a couple of quotes at a time, is probably not a good idea.  The quotes become repetitive and lackluster.  Same old same old.  Work together, diversity is everything, great ideas that few will follow through on after reading them.  Shows that we actually do know the answers but refuse to do implement them…for the good of all.  We aren’t a very bright species, after all.  Power and greed corrupts everything.

One thing I learned from reading the quotes, is that I’ve never actually lived in a real community. When I was a kid, all my friends were in my neighborhood and once in a while we entered each other’s homes but mostly we were outside.  None of the adults seemed to like each other, or pay any attention to each other at all.  Chicago is a city, apartment buildings are close to each other.  I could practically hand Jimmy, the kid who lived next door to me, a book through our windows.  Privacy is rule number one.  Don’t look, don’t pay attention.  Mind your own business. If I ever needed help, there was anyplace to go, so none of us ever needed help.  As kids, we were on our own.  I don’t even remember people smiling.  They barely acknowledged each other.  We kids got along but it was not a community.  I’ve never lived in a place like that.  Apparently, a lot of the people who quoted things did.  That is out of my range of experience.  I don’t even know who is living on the other side of my house right now and they have been there for about eighteen years.  Don’t know their name.  So community quotes are meaningless to me.  I wave at the woman across the street, if she’s out, but that’s it and I don’t do it all the time.  If people tried to get chummy it would feel like an invasion of privacy and I would consider them nosey and shut them down right away.  That’s how we all grew up.  By best friend, who does live next door knows the woman’s name and the one on her other side but that’s it and they don’t talk.  LOL  Not how we grew up.

As I said, I do like a lot of the quotes and will sprinkle them across my blog now and then but like everything else, no one ever reads the same book.

Just something I was thinking about today.  I’m going to put the book down now and go read about Paris in the 20’s.

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