My kitchen table…

I love my kitchen table.  I change it all the time but right now it’s in summer mode.  I sit there reading, eating chocolate, cookies and drinking tea.  My kitchen table makes me happy.  I add things and take things away, according to my mood or what attracts me at the moment.  But there are always lots of interesting and pretty things for me to see.  The things on my kitchen table starts my day off with a burst of happiness. And when people say that things don’t make us happy, they’re lying.  Things that we love, things that stimulate our creativity, matter as much as anything else in life, maybe even more.  Things that are beautiful, addd so much joy to our lives and a fun filled kitchen table starts my day off with smiles and happiness.  Try it.  You’ll be amazed at how much nicer morning feels when you surround yourself with things that are beautiful.  Never underestimate how much the sweet little touches we add to our lives matter.

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