Art and the philosophy of life

“Once upon a time, all the people decided to love animals and keep them safe.  They knew that killing and eating animals was wrong.  No one should take a life, or cause harm, or suffering.  And the lions and tigers, mice and bears, were happy and knew that a new way of life was being born.  And the children showed the others how they had been on the wrong path.  They showed them that there was a way to live in harmony, so that all living things could thrive and be happy.  They showed them that Death was not the way to exist.  The children asked the grownups to stop polluting, so that they could breath and be healthy.  They asked them to be kind and stop hurting everyone.  They asked for peace and joy and an end to fear and unhappiness.”

And the lions listened to the girl’s story and accepted her gifts.  When the she was finished reading, she looked at the lions and said:

I will care for you.  I will help and protect you
for I am a child of all good things
a child of love and sweetness
of caring and soft whispers
and I love you


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