Today is: EARTH DAY

This is what we live on.  A rock, flying through never ending space.  We are tiny specks, with even tinier minds.  Small as we are, there are enough of us to destroy the beauty of this blue planet and every thing on it.  As a species we are unable to learn.  We are unable to do the right thing.  We never stop destroying everything around us, including the very things that keep us healthy and ALIVE..  Earth is a beautiful home.  She’s filled with life,  overflowing with abundance.   But she has a disease and that disease is us.  I don’t believe there’s a cure for us, other than extinction.  We just can’t stop killing. And, sadly, we can’t seem to stop the ones who are doing the damage.  We allow egomaniacs to keep us waring, and we allow them to destroy the environment.  We let it happen and that makes us just as guilty as those who are ordering the destruction.  Because we have been brainwashed enough to follow the rules, we don’t know what to do to stop the bad guys from making money by killing us, so we simply sit back and let the horror continue.  I don’t think this is the first planet we have destroyed.  I think this what we do.  I do hope it’s the last one, however.  I hope something stops us this time…because we surely cannot stop ourselves.

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10 Responses to Today is: EARTH DAY

  1. Dark thoughts, my friend. Sending you magic fairy dust and angel cakes. 🙂

  2. Resa says:

    Yes, the sun came out here in Toronto. It felt like a great day, not a day that is to be destroyed by humanity.
    Nonetheless, I walked for 3 hours and found lots of street art. Finally, spring!

  3. Sure sounds like it. 🙂 I’m happy for you.

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