Art and the philosophy of life

Girl and giraffes…


“I’m not a very good singer, my voice is kind of soft, and there are better story teller than I am but I brought a bear for you and this is my dog, Tippy.  I’m a very good dancer and if you like, I can dance for you.”

The child put the the bear on the ground and started twirling and taking careful steps, then leaping into the air,  Tippy and the giraffes watched her as she spun, a smile on her face, her heart filled with joy.  When she was finished, she bowed to the giraffes and then to Tippy, who barked his approval.  She went to each giraffe and hugged their legs, then walked back to her dog.

“The long wait is over.  There will be no more killing.  I will protect you from harm and watch over you until the Destroyers are forgotten and your dreams are filled, not with fear, but with happiness, for:

I am a child of all good things
a child of love and sweetness
of caring and soft whispers
and I love you.

Comments on: "Girl and giraffes…" (4)

  1. A beautiful wish I wish would come rue.

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