Art and the philosophy of life


“I’m so sorry,” she said.  “For what the humans did to you and to those you loved.  I’m so very, very, sorry.  Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful world.  A world
where all living things were loved and respected.  Where all
living things were free.  A world  without violence.  No one
in that world would have taken your horn.  Not ever.  The
only humans on the beautiful world, were children.  Children
who were never taught to be mean and hateful.  Never taught
to be violent or cruel.  They wandered the world, being kind
and helping those who needed help. They made sure that everyone
they met knew how much they loved them.  The children spread joy 
through their songs and stories.  They spread beauty and 
happiness wherever they went.  Because children who grow
up in a beautiful world…a world without fear and hatred, a
world without violence and cruelty, would never harm 
another living being.  Violence, hatred and cruelty are taught. 
That’s why there are no adults in this story, my beautiful 
friend.  I will stay with you until your tears of sorrow turn
to tears of joy.  I will not leave your side.  I will love and care
for you and tell you stories of brave and beautiful rhinos
who danced across the world.  The hateful adults are gone forever.
We are a new species.  A species of humans who are awake.  We can
see beauty and we are filled with love.  And that is the story of 
this new and wonderful world.  I will stand in front of you, or next
to you and you will never be afraid again.  I am a child of all
good things.  A child of love and sweetness, of caring and soft whispers
and I love you.

The small girl stood up and when to the rhino.  She leaned against his face and kissed him gently.  She sent love to him through her whole being.  She sang softly and petted his rough skin.  She hummed and crooned and dried his tears. She celebrated his beauty and thanked him for letting her be part of his life.  The rhino sighed and drifted off to sleep, feeling tiny hands comforting him and knowing that a new world had just been born.



Comments on: "The child and the rhino…a very short story" (14)

  1. What a beautiful story

  2. I don’t know how to stop the violence.

  3. How wonderful, GiGi! I love this story. I’m very sickened by the plight of the Rhino & all creatures great and small. I wish I could comfort a Rhino, a doe whose Bambi has been shot by a hunter, or a baby elephant crying by his mothers corpse because some ignorant poachers took her tusks.
    I try to control the hate I feel for the unfeeling arrogant a$$hole$ that run, rape and ruin life. I don’t need that poison in me, but if it would change things, I would drink it gladly.
    I am ashamed of all the garbage and recycling I produce.

    • I know you have a huge heart for animals and I love that about you. I don’t know what we can do. I just read an article that said hunting is down because the public is being informed so hunters are spending tons of money to get YOUTH interested in killing animals. Also the NRA spent 30 million dollars to get Trump elected. How do we fight these evil people? We all have recycling but at least it is recycled. I’m happy for that. Ours gets picked up once a week, so there’s no excuse and EVERYONE participates. It’s a wonderful program. I don’t know how to feel better or block out the constant killings and violence against all of us. I don’t watch news but I still get info from all the animal rights groups I belong to. Sometimes I just recycle the magazines/info because I can’t stand to see what’s in them. Habitat loss and all the rest. Love to Jeep and Johnny. Hugs from Emmie. ❤

  4. I don’t know what else we can do. People don’t really work together. There’s power in numbers, together we stand and all that but we are taught to compete and stand alone, so we can’t get anything done. Love animals.

  5. This was so emotional and so beautiful 🌸

  6. Very touching and sad, yet beautiful. The world is falling apart, and yet we rarely ever stop to notice it. Very well written!

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