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Resa, from GRAFFITI LUX AND MURALS, wrote this fabulous who-done-it.  I read it in one sitting!  It’s such a cool book. Wonderful characters.  It’s about the movie business and I strongly recommend that you pick it up on Amazon for under $3. The ending is spot on and you won’t see it coming. It’s so good that I can’t wait for Book 2 (hopefully there will be one).  *****  5 stars and YAY!

Comments on: "Book…from Resa, at GRAFFITI LUX AND MURALS" (21)

  1. What???? How did I miss this…either she is holding out on me or I have the attention span of a gnat (most likely the latter).

  2. Resa’s unending talents blow me away!!

  3. OMG!! I’m trying not to cry! One sitting?? Well, I do have first hand knowledge of the film biz, and oh my… Okay I have begun to write 8 Black Lives.
    Thank you, dear GiGi! Wow! And you read the first go… before editing!

    • I cannot WAIT. I was so sorry to see the book end. I sat down at breakfast and really didn’t move until I was finished with the book. LOL I had so much to do but I couldn’t stop reading so if I starve to death because I didn’t get to the store, you know why. 🙂 It’s wonderful and I’m so looking forward to #2. Don’t forget to see the review on Amazon.

  4. So very cool! Adding it to the to read list 🙂

  5. Great! Now i am also once again full of love for Online.Book-Shops. ;-).They are helpful getting foreign books much more easier on the shelf.

  6. Yay for Resa! And thanks for linking us to her, Gigi!

  7. 🙂 Hope you read it.

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