What if…

What if everyone is perfect, just not when they’re around anyone else?  Maybe all of our perfects don’t go together with the perfects of others.  Perhaps we clash in our perfectness.

Or, what if no one is perfect?  How would we know?  What if perfect doesn’t exist? Anyone who writes definitions has their own world view, backed by their own personal experience, so any definition would be null, void and imperfect, right?  The definition in the dictionary is LONG but it doesn’t actually say what perfect IS.  The gymnasts get 10s, 7s, and 2s all at the same time.  Only one judge sees “perfect,” the others do not.

To me, perfect just means we like someone, or some thing, so it’s perfect to/for us personally, because no one knows what perfect really is.  What’s perfect to one of us, isn’t perfect to another because there is no such thing as perfect, except on an individual basis.

We use the word perfect a LOT…someone says, “they’re perfect for each other,” while the  people next to them, are thinking they’ll last six months together, tops and I think he was making out with the maid of honor before the bride arrived (I have seen that happen).  The perfect meal for many but the vegan at the other end of the table is pushing her plate full of dead animals away from her and trying not to gag.  Well, there are a million examples of how we use the word but you know what I mean.  Perfect, is in the eye of the beholder and there is no definition that could possible cover all of us.  Because perfect, like almost everything else, is whatever we say/think it is.

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