Art and the philosophy of life

I asked them to help me show what society/culture does to people and what it’s like to be free, open, and creative.  They got to work immediately and three of the chicklets walked  into the Rubber Duck Pond to show how depressing and closed off society/culture makes everyone.  They put on shades to show how it blinds people and crushes their spirits.  Clarence demonstrated what it was like to be free and creative.  I think they did a fantastic job and I thanked them very much.  They said they hoped they got the message across and I told them that I thought they did it beautifully.

Comments on: "Okay, so…I was talking to the chicklets and…" (21)

  1. ahhh! The Chicklets. It’s that time again. They certainly have it altogether.

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    It’s Gigi with the Chicklets!

  3. Just the thought of the chickens walking into the duck pond, is a message in itself…

    Beautiful post…

  4. The Chicklets are sooo cool!

  5. It got its point across with a smile. 🙂

  6. I like this artsy interpretation definitely

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