Why don’t schools…

Why don’t schools teach children how to prepare for leisure time as adults?  Why don’t teachers stress the importance of enjoying time off?  Why isn’t fun a priority?  Play is good for health and loving life.  Why don’t they teach that instead of the lies about HIStory and an outdated work ethic where one is expected to slave away at a job for 12 hours a day in order to pay of student loans?  Classes like How to work less and enjoy life more, or Make fun a priority in your life.  Those and classes on How to change the government.  That’s what schools should be for…to teach kids how to get the most out of life, without working for less money while being inundated by a media telling everyone to BUY MORE STUFF.

But if schools taught those things, then our self-imposed prison doors would open and people would walk out of their cells into freedom and the government would freak out and demand that their slaves return to their quarters and get back to work so they could control them and take their money for themselves.  Any school that taught all the good stuff would never be sanctioned by the government and without being licensed by them, the credits wouldn’t count and that’s the way EVERYTHING is controlled.  That’s how the healthy and good stuff never gets out to the public.  Government control.  Everything that’s taught is controlled by the rich, elite, white men in power. That’s why women and minorities were left out of history books.  It’s all about white men killing others and stealing land.  Yay…our conquering heroes.  More like flat out killers, but hey they wrote the books.  Apparently women weren’t alive at the time and the white rich guys never had mothers, they simply appeared.

Keep in mind that not very long ago the white men in power wouldn’t ALLOW certain groups of people to learn how to read.  You could be killed for teaching someone to read.  Education can be a dangerous thing that’s why not everyone is allowed to get a good one.  It’s done on purpose.  That’s why the government CONTROLS the educational system.  The guys in power don’t want competition and they don’t want the masses to be smart enough to catch onto how they are being manipulated, used and abused. That’s why they pick what can be taught and how it’s presented.   Education needs an overhaul, so does the government.  Hey, I’m just sayin’.”

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6 Responses to Why don’t schools…

  1. Not sure how people don’t see it anyway, regardless of what our lame educational system tells them. It’s obvious, isn’t it? 🤔

    • It seems as if it should be but it’s not. Most people believe in the system, no matter what.

      • That’s just like humans. I’d say they’re sheep-like, but I think maybe sheep are smarter.

      • I’m with you. They just might be. They may not run away but they don’t work themselves to death either. They kind of hang out and graze, nap and just chat. 🙂 They don’t owe anyone or have to get up at the crack of daw and sit in traffic either. I think it’s absolutely outrageous that parents or kids are forced to take out loans to get a college education. To start out your life with massive debt puts you on the wheel as soon as you begin. Hateful thing to do to people but the government, who owns the banks, LOVE it and they will hunt you down to get every penny. At least that’s what I’ve been told. If you don’t pay the interest just keeps adding up until you can’t live long enough, or ever make enough, to pay the debt.

      • Yeah, the student loan thing is a travesty. I was lucky, and worked a job that actually paid my tuition, through UPS. Both times I was in school, I graduated with no debt. Most aren’t so lucky. I have three kids who are rapidly approaching that time as well. Not sure it’s worth going to college anymore. Outrageous costs, mountains of debt, and no jobs to be found. It’s scary. They may be better off learning a trade. The world will always need plumbers and electricians. I think. 😏

  2. I was lucky too. Scholarships pretty much paid for my Bachelor’s and my Master’s.. We paid for our daughter, without loans. But you are so right. I don’t know a single kid who graduated who is working in their field or making any money. Most are living back home. Sadly, some believe that if they take out more loans and get another degree that will help but it doesn’t. There are no jobs and pay is low. Kids with degrees are receptionists or working for minimum wage. A lot of the degrees they get are worthless to begin with. A lot of jobs want creative people and they don’t care about degrees but they are far and few between. My son-in-law got sick of working for other people and started a Handyman job and makes really good money and has regular clients who get him a lot of work through word of mouth. He’s happy and doing great. He wanted my granddaughter to join him. LOL When anything’s broken we just tell her to fix it and she does. She can do anything. But she has other plans, at least for now. She keeps changing her mind about her major because jobs aren’t available. Seems like all the kids are getting degrees in fitness. Good luck with that. I guess it depends on where you live. Maybe that’s a good thing in California but not so much in the midwest. Tradespeople will always be needed, unless they make robot plumbers and electricians. It could happen I guess.

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