Okay, so…Bond…James Bond…Somehow this got erased from my blog…

Daniel Craig, who said he would rather slit his wrists than play Bond again, is playing Bond again in the next installment to open November 9, 2019.  Trailers are out but that seems insane since the debut is SO far away.

Love Bond and okay, Daniel Craig as well, I’m looking forward to it, even though the last one wasn’t ver good.  He was offered $150 million dollars for two more films but no one knows what he’s actually getting and he only wants to do one.

Priorities, right?  We like to be entertained.  We like to escape from reality and it’s worth all that money for people to watch a film for two hours.  I can think of a lot that could be done with $150 million dollars to help a LOT of people, but this is who we are.  We have to face that.  Bond, or food and clean water for thousands….

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11 Responses to Okay, so…Bond…James Bond…Somehow this got erased from my blog…

  1. Very odd, I read this yesterday. I am glad he going to do it, that’s a lot of moolah!

    • It sure is and for someone who hates what he’s doing. Weird…the thins we think are important, right? People are dying from lack of clean water but all that money to a person who makes movies. So strange.

      • It’s rather disgusting when you think all the good that money could do. All the hungry homeless…etc.

      • It’s just strange that certain people get that much money for what they do. I mean golf? I’ll never get it. Nice game, for fun, but not for millions of dollars because you can hit a ball into a hole. Sorry, but that’s just insane to me. LOL We have our priorities.

      • That’s capitalism I guess…It’s just when I think of the really good that money could do…not that a lot of these celebs don’t donate to charity, gotta cut those taxes.

      • You’re right. Some stars do a lot of good work. No doubt about it. The donate money, work for causes and build important things like schools and water works. They do a lot of wonderful things. I think Matt Damon is working on clean water. Or at least he was.

      • Yes I heard that. They are for the most part as concerned as anyone about this state of chaos were in and have the funds to get involved.

      • It’s true. Some work hard for the environment and for others. I don’t hear a lot about sports people doing that but I don’t follow them, so I have no idea if they have their own causes.

      • The few I know do help out with causes.

  2. Resa says:

    Good grief, Jiminy Crickets! When and what? … Oh sorry, that’s the next post. Yet… somehow it’s all the same one big ball of gas, although entertaining. Hmm, sounds like someone I know…. of.

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