Grace and Frankie…

I watch probably two programs on TV (Lucifer and Mystery).  Not a big fan of TV.  Having said that, I have watched Grace and Frankie on Netflix.  Season One was funny…it went down hill from there. Frankie had a stroke and I couldn’t watch when she went insane over the fact that Grace had a gun in the house.  She kept repeating herself and screaming. I was embarrassed for her.  I fast forwarded though some episodes.

I just watched some of the new new season and It’s over for me.  I’m crazy about Tomlin and Fonda but the show has turned cruel and all of the terrible things are aimed at women.  Suddenly the women look stupid, unable to take care of themselves, and their kids are turning into, well, manipulative monsters.  So, I fast forwarded through the entire ending, looking for some laughs.  There were none at all.  It’s too bad.  It started out to be a great, for women, and then turned into something truly awful.  From a show about women who were strong and intelligent, it has turned into a show about two idiot women who can’t do anything at all.  Two women who have children who constantly think their mother’s are pathetic and need to be put somewhere for their own safety.   None of the men in the program have  any physical problems at all.  The children treat their fathers with respect and ask for, and take, their advice…it’s just the women they treat like brain damaged garbage.

For two strong feminist/activist actors, Tomlin and Fonda, blew it, big time.

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2 Responses to Grace and Frankie…

  1. DAmn…i haven’t started the new season yet…maybe i shouldn’t bother. You are right it did really go down hill for me after Frankie had her stroke.

    • Oh this new season is just terrible. I couldn’t even watch them…fast forwarded though some and then just gave up. They ruined the show and made women look like idiots who need to be put into sheltered care. And their kids are disgusting.

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