Time Travelers…

Picture:  Pixabay

Time isn’t what we think it is.  It’s malleable, it stretches, disappears, stops, twists, turns, makes tunnels and does all kind of strange things.  The past and the future are close enough to touch each other, since the present moment is part of the past so fast…it doesn’t have enough TIME, go actually be called the present, for very long. When you say the word, “present,” the front end of the word is already in the past, by the time we get to the middle.  Get it?  The pre is old news, even sant, is falling from our lips.  All the things that happened to you this morning, or ten seconds ago are nowhere to be found.  It’s not as if the past lives anywhere else.  It’s just GONE.  You can’t touch it, redo it, you can’t look at it.  At least not while you’re living in the present.

Page and Cover are time travelers.  They were named after the logs their parents kept, as they jumped from one time period to another.  Unfortunately, they disappeared during their last trip and the siblings have been looking for them ever since.  Each TT (Time Traveler) has a locater implant, but some Times are too far away, or their tech sucks, either by not existing, or by being far too advanced.   Page thinks their parents got too close to a Black Hole, too close to the Event Horizon, but Cover said that would never happen, unless, someone purposely altered their coordinates.

The thing most people don’t realize is that there are more pasts and futures than you can imagine.  Things don’t run in straight lines and one future can branch off from a time-line and go it’s own way.  It can run into a parallel future, or past, and that can get extremely dicy.  There are pasts where evolution stopped, pasts where Hitler died at birth.  Time travel is what people think it is.

The paradox about killing your parents is ridiculous, unless, of course, you wanted to start a new future without yourself in it.  Your current life cannot be altered by killing your parents because you already have a past and a present of your own.  The past in which you were born, can’t be changed. You will not disappear in your current life, if someone goes back in time to kill your mother, but it can start a new future for that time-line.  It’s been tried a number of times.

Can we change the past?  Not so it will affect us.   Can we change the future?  We do it with every single decision we make.


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