Horses…5 pictures

I started riding horses when I was about four.  My uncle’s brother ran a stables and my uncle shoed horses and was a Forest Ranger.  His horse’s name was Copper Penny but we just called her Penny.

We didn’t have fancy riding outfits or anything special.  I wore levi’s, cowboy boots and a shirt, so did everyone else.  We rode English. (English saddles are small and light weight.  There is no horn and they are wonderful).  We were expected to sit up straight and that was is.  We didn’t dismount, we slid off our horses.  We fed them sugar cubes, carrots and apples.  I did this almost every weekend, thanks to my uncle.  It was wonderful.

I LOVE horses but to me, horses are wild beings.  They travel in groups.  I loved them but the thing is, even if they loved me back, they had no choice about what happened to them.  Humans don’t give animal a choice…we use them for our own purposes.  As a child I was put on a horse’s back and expected to ride…and that was that.

People are treated the same way, of course, but people can fight back, if they have the courage, horses can’t.

We break them, harness them, shoe them, saddle them, TIE them to things and leave them to WAIT, until we want to USE them again.  A wild being, tied up…waiting.

We use them. Torture them, Hurt them.  We RACE them, shoot them up with illegal drugs and kill them if they hurt their legs.  We FORCE them to pull heavy loads, farm, pull carriages down the streets of cities.  We take over their lives and never think about what it costs them.  Never think about what we steal from them, their freedom, their spirit, their lives.  We just take whatever we want…all the time.

I’ve demonstrated against rodeos and circuses.  I should have been demonstrating against race tracks, as well.  Fortunately, they are having a difficult time, now days. A lot of tracks are closing.

As a child, I didn’t know any better, always having been on a horse.  My aunts and uncles square danced on horses.  I mean, I was conditioned to believe that riding a horse was okay, and really, it’s not, even though we love them so much.  Horses wait in stalls/boxes for us to come back to them.  The lucky ones can roam in fenced in meadows and graze, run and play but not all horses are that fortunate.

Humans and horses can form strong, loving bonds that last a life time.  Many horses are well cared for and have long and happy lives, mostly because they don’t know anything else, just like people.  People love their horses.  Unfortunately, too many horses are horribly abused, used and discarded or even eaten.

We are a terrible species.  We seem to believe we’re the ONLY living things that matter.  We’re wrong, of course, and I don’t think it will be long before we find out just how wrong we are and I’m okay with that.  We deserve what we get for the way we have lived and treated living things.  You can call it payback, or karma, you can call it anything you like but we will pay for what we have done to the earth and every living thing on it.

Just remember that every time people buy tickets to a rodeo, or to a circus, they contribute to animal abuse. Every time people place a bet, they contribute to animal abuse (greyhounds as well).  People have a choice.  The animals do not.

Why do we believe that if we love horses, it’s okay to have them?  As if loving them is enough for them.  How did we get to that point?  More lies we tell ourselves?  I think that’s what it is.  We need animals, whether they’re horses, dogs, cats, ferrets, or anything else.  We want birds, lizards, snakes, mice, rats, even spiders…we want all of them.  We trust them.  I’m not sure we can live without them.   They, on the other hand, can definitely live without us.  Without our violence and abuse.  Pampered pets may have a difficult time surviving on their own but that’s only because we have made them dependent.  For those who can survive without us, and live to pass their genes on to others, they can live free, for better. or for worse.  No guns, no arrows, no traps, no factory farming, no slaughter, no bets, no cages, no dinner plates, no straps, harnesses, chocker collars, electric fences, tanks, no anything…just freedom.

Humans, who often complain about “cabin fever,” when they’re in their houses for too long, never seem to think that animals might feel the same way, locked into whatever thing they have been placed into.  I don’t get that.  I don’t get a lot of things, I just know that making animals work for us, using them as entertainment, is wrong.  It’s slavery.  We just call it something else.  We always call the bad things we do…something else. Like calling a bomb/missile a Peacekeeper.  That’s what we do…we pretend and lie to ourselves.  That’s what allows us to live with the terrible things we do, or don’t do anything about.

All pictures are from: Pixabay


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6 Responses to Horses…5 pictures

  1. I also think we are a horrible species. I only hope we will not be so destructive that nothing is left for other species to survive.

    • That is my wish as well. I think enough will survive to repopulate the earth and live free, without us. Things survived the astroid catastrophe that took out the dinosaurs, so there’s hope. Although if we continue to poison everything, I’m not sure. We are destroying our oceans, air and ground. The only thing I know for sure is that the earth, and everything on it, would be better off without us.

  2. Resa says:

    I totally agree.

    • I love horses so much. The way they look, smell, move. I love everything about them and while I don’t believe they cared that I was on their backs, that’s the part that hurts me the most…because they should have. They should have had a choice for a different life. But their spirit was stolen and they just let me ride them. Kissing their noses and grooming them, feeding them treats, didn’t change the fact that they were prisoners. Some would say they had better lives. They were cared for and safe, but life’s not always about that. Life is about knowing there are other ways to live and being able to choose, right? For those bred and raised on farms, they don’t know what it’s like to be wild. Just like women don’t know what it’s like to be safe or free. We have never experienced those things. We are all prisoners in one way or another. But we can still be happy and live our lives. We can create and do the best we can to bring about whatever changes we can and that really has to be enough. It’s the most anyone can give. Going to prison, giving up your life for an ideal doesn’t seem to change anything. People are more useful alive and on the street, as far as I’m concerned. We can’t solve the problems while men have all the power. We can support females running for office, we can work for them and help them get elected. That’s one thing that works. We’ve done it. We need a LOT more female voices in government in every state. So that’s always a good place to start. 🙂 But we always have to have fun, be happy and enjoy the life we have. That’s the most important thing of all. All the years i’ve worked for equality, I’ve been dancing as well. That’s what keeps us going.

  3. Resa, you are so sweet. Thank you but I’m the lucky one. You have given me so much…all your beautiful posts, you fantastic dresses, you kitties and your amazing love of animals. Your pies as well. 🙂 It’s such a pleasure to call you friend. You’ll never stop dancing. You have much joy and love in your heart. You’re a dancer by nature.

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