City girls…


We City girls are made of skyscrapers, two-flats, apartment buildings, bungalows, fire escapes, revolving doors, art and traffic.  The city hums inside us.  Our blood has trace amounts of asphalt, concrete, bricks, glass and steel.  We are surrounded by people, noise, fumes and danger.  City girls are born, not made.  You can’t fake it.  It’s not a choice, it’s what we are.

Everyone has a place living inside them, running through their veins.  People just have to figure out where that place is, so that they can be truly happy.

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8 Responses to City girls…

  1. Very inspiring. I used to live in NYC. Loved it. Still love it.

  2. That’s great. There are still places to garden in the city, depends on where you live but I know what you mean. I’m not happy anywhere else. I couldn’t even go to our cottage. Couldn’t stand being in the country. Beautiful fresh water lake and sweet fish. But after I fed the fist bread I was ready to stop going. I just did stop going. LOL People love it but you have to have that in your being to be able to live there. I would die…in a matter of weeks, or days. Seriously. I couldn’t do it no matter how beautiful. So quiet and the energy is so different. It’s the energy that plays a big part. Too slow for my personality. I think it’s wonderful that we all get to be in the spot we love. That keeps us healthy. I met a guy on a bus who had moved to a college town. He said he had a nervous breakdown. He said he’s okay and he can stand it now but it almost killed him. LOLOLOL It matters more for some than people like you. You can live anywhere, some of us can’t.

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