Wild horses and kids…

In order to tame a wild horse, you have to break him.  It’s the same with kids.  Horses have to be broken in order to be ridden.  Kids have to be broken in order to fit into society.  We were all broken.  Horses and kids…expected to obey their masters.  Those who refuse to be broken all the way are destroyed.  Think about it.

Breaking a spirit is the only way to assure obedience.

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3 Responses to Wild horses and kids…

  1. Obedience is overrated. I like my kids’ rebel streaks. I think it’ll serve them well. 😊

    • I agree 100%, We have to be civilized but we have to be free as well. Creativity needs to be nurtured, not crushed. We aren’t all the same and, therefore, we can’t be expected to BE the same and do the same things. Personality traits make each of us different and that’s not taken into consideration. Kids don’t all learn the same way. They aren’t interested in the same things. Boring children kills their desire t read, and keep learning. That’s why it’s done. Especially reading.

      • Again, change begins at home. Young minds are moldable, and can be taught that different is good, no matter what “they” think. Frankly, mine are being taught not to give shit about “them”.

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