Emily (today) and her winter house…

Below are photographs of her house.  I know it looks awful, but here’s the thing.  The part that’s sticking up, on the right, in my potting table.  The bottom shelf is off the ground and one of her electric beds in on it.  To the left of that is her wooden house and the other electric bed is under that.  There is also a soft, hight sided, round, snug bed under there, as well.  There is a blue tarp that cuts the back part off from the front, leaving an opening big enough for her to get through.  the brown tarps overlap and are very heavy.  They block the wind completely.  The front part, where you can see the brown blend into the blue, which is my picnic table, has a huge tupperware tub with two new cat mattresses in it, facing away from the opening.  There are two more beds under there as well.  She’s always dry and out of the wind.  The tom cat terrifies her but she can sleep in one of the other beds if he comes back at night.  There is also another insulated cat tub on the patio, with 2 inch insulation in it, but no one will go inside.  Don’t ask why. The photo below shows how I hooked it all up so that it doesn’t flap or blow away.  I am not an engineer, so…don’t laugh.

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21 Responses to Emily (today) and her winter house…

  1. I think you did a good job! Thank you for making a home for her

  2. It’s like a cat condo! What was that, like 4 bedding areas, pass throughs to other rooms, and perches, all covered and dry? Perfect! 😃

    • Just two rooms, yes a pass through to where the heated beds are. They are nice and only turn on when the cat lays on them. She has a heated water dish, as well. I think there are six beds under there. All snug and nice. But it gets so cold here, that it’s the least I can do. She’s happy. I actually caught her the other night and got her into the house but she flew from my hands, ran through my legs and was back under the tarps before I could stand up straight. She doesn’t want to come inside. I have kitty litter ready and another new bed but she won’t do it.

      • We’ve had cats like that before, both our own and strays that just show up. Some of them are just meant to be wild. But none will turn down the beds. Just has to be on their terms. 😃

  3. So true. Always on their own terms. The cat’s have me trained very wall. Emily can make me do tricks. I feed her when she want’s to eat, pet her when she wants pets and back off when she wants me to go away. She doesn’t do anything i want her to do except show up, so I don’t have to worry about her. But i do everything she asks. 🙂 I’m putty in her paws. I’m sure she was a house cat. She’s been fixed and she’s nothing like the feral cats who were here.

  4. Emily is adorable and happy as a lark. And no wonder. A perfect home 🏠

  5. What a great kitty building. It works. I find that caring for animals domestic or wild not only feeds them but also myself.🐾

    • That is the truth. I’m sure I get more from her than she gets from me. I adore her and I’m so happy to be able to pet her. She does have me trained very well, but I don’t mind. She has six beds under there, so she always has someplace to rest. Letter on it’s way today. Thank you for yours. 🙂

  6. Emily is so fortunate to have someone like you to take care of her and provide a nice warm place in the cold winter! A luck cat! 🙂

    • Thank you so very much. I’m the lucky one…she’s so sweet and loving. I wish she would come inside but a few nights ago I caught her, it was so cold, and as soon as I stepped inside she was out of my hands, between my legs, outside and under the tarps. I didn’t even have time to turn around. I’ll keep trying but her heart is outside. She had to be a house cat. I’ve had several feral cats in the yard, some wonderful, others kind of vicious, but she is like all the house cats I’ve had.

  7. Resa says:

    What a hoot! LOL! The least you could have done was get coordinating tarps. 😀 😀
    You know, your description of Emmie’s home is so cozy, I could move in.
    The main thing is she looks very healthy, her coat is magnificent and she stays with you, albeit outside. I am very happy for both of you!

    • Thank you. The brown tarps weigh a ton. They are doubled, so the back is warmer but the blue ones were added as I went. LOL I ran out of room, so this is it until summer, when we redo everything for the hot weather. She does look good but she’s not happy, since the cold weather has returned.

  8. oldmainer says:

    It’s not how it looks that is important. It is how it works, and it apparently works fine.

    • Yes. All the tarps are back on and she’s happy. 🙂 Her house is nice and snug. The two rooms work out perfectly, but she likes all the heavy tarps over her nest and so do I. She’s dry and warm. 🙂 In the summer I lift the flaps and she gets the sun and breeze. 🙂

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