I never make resolutions, since I don’t have the slightest idea how to live with rules.  I find it difficult to make myself “do” things I don’t want to do, so it’s insane to think I would ever make a rule and actually follow it.  Besides, the things I want to change are kind of out of my control.  I want winter to last one week and the temp never to drop below 34 degrees.  I want more sunshine. I want war to stop.  I want the government to be gutted and a new form of working together started. I want freedom for all of us and I want animals to be safe from our horrific clutches.  I want people to be happy, clothed, sheltered, fed and safe from harm.  I want fear to be the least dominant emotion that drags people down.  I want crushing loss and sadness to eventually go away.  I want everyone to have a voice.  I want Factory Farms shut down and the animals given good homes.  I want the people who owned them and the people who worked there to be put in jail.  I want those who do animal testing to be tested upon.  I want chocolate to be so good for us that we have to eat it with every meal, as well as for snacks.  I want people to be trustworthy and ethical.  I want artists to be able to make a living with their art.  I want those in government to be paid minimum wage and have the same insurance they give to those who have no money.  I want a better quality of food with no GMOs and poison.  I want kindness to be common.  I want men to stop violence against women and children.  I want religion to disappear and the catholic church held accountable for it’s crimes against all people.  I want rapist priests jailed for life and those they harmed compensated by the church.  I want equality to be normal.  I want racism and sexism to end, along with gay bashing and laws that stop people from being able to marry the one’s they love.  I want manners and common courtesy to return.  I want more independent bookstores to come back.  I want Amazon to not be the only store in town.  I want hunters to be hunted.  I want nurses to stop working double shifts so they don’t harm patients because they are exhausted.  I want greed to disappear and I want generosity to take it’s place.  I want teachers who care about kids to be able to actually teach.  I want the lies of HIStory to be told.  I want clean air, water, and a respect for the earth/environment to be utmost in our world plan.  I wan’t patriarchy to die a quick and final death.  I want equality, justice and freedom for all people.  I want tyrants eliminated.  I want products made from animals to be considered a crime against all species.  These are just some of the things I want for the New Year.  I’m not holding my breath.

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2 Responses to Resolutions/Wants/Wishes…

  1. Resa says:

    Sounds fab, but I’m not holding my breath, either!

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