Pink and Jade…


Like every other child, born in the lab, Jade was given an egg on her first birth-date.  She watched over it and cared for it.  Her ability to keep it safe was monitored by The Federation/Overlords.  When Pinky hatched, she was a tiny little thing, weak and barely able to hold up her head.  She had to be fed around the clock, kept warm and safe.  She grew quickly, as Pinks always do, and she imprinted on her caretaker who loved her dearly.  They bonded immediately and were able to communicate telepathically.  Pinky came when called, although children and their beings were never far apart.

Pinks had a long life expectancy, which was good, since, their bond with their caretaker was so strong that when one died, so did the other.  Living without one’s other half was unthinkable.  A child’s companion was everything to her/him, for life.  It was their main, and often only, relationship. The caretaker and her/his being were like one mind, one entity.  Separation, even for a short time, was painful.

Companions were the only true relationships that children/people had.  The Federation/ Overseers, started the Companion Program thousands of years ago, when children died of despair, loneliness, and lack of attachment. Once the program took hold, children began to thrive.  It seems that feelings for another, are a necessary component for life and while children were grown in labs, and all the important things were believed to be accounted for, The Federation left out one crucial ingredient.  They left out the need for companionship and it became obvious, that once they left earth, even with all their years of work, they couldn’t quite erase every emotion because love still existed.



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2 Responses to Pink and Jade…

  1. Thank you. Imagine singing with a huge pink pigeon. What fun.

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