Art and the philosophy of life

Collage (rerun)

Comments on: "Never gonna happen but still…" (6)

  1. Sadly, I think you’re right. 😕

    • It’s too bad but as long as greedy, power hungry, violent people refuse to let go of their strangle hold on the masses…there is no chance for peace.

      • Thats mankinds calling card. Hate, discrimination, and taking. It’s evidently just what humans do. Not sure why we can’t all work together, accept the differences as a good thing, and just fucking get along. I’ll never get it. 😕

      • I’m with you on that. Defective brains or just the way we are. Warring, killing, machines. Destructive in so many ways. There’s a very slim chance it’s because we aren’t living the way we’re supposed to be living. We have lost our connection with nature and sit inside looking at screens, locked in cars, offices, houses and we are made for living with nature, not against it. Just an idea but so many people work fourteen hours a day and can barely feed their families. Depression, misery and often violence because of being locked into a situation/culture where there is no way out.

      • Sadly, that’s nothing new. From the dawn of man, there’s been a hierarchy. Usually the head of that monster is an egomaniacal narcissist with grandiose visions, regardless of the collateral damage. 😕

  2. So true and even the earliest “man” has been found with his head bashed in. They couldn’t speak but they could fight and kill each other. How do you overcome something that’s been in us from the start?

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