Jelly fish…two pictures…these are from before but I just found them again, so I’m reposting

I don’t know if fish like jelly but some must or they wouldn’t be called Jelly Fish, right?  Anyway, I was thinking about that when I painted these, just for fun.


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12 Responses to Jelly fish…two pictures…these are from before but I just found them again, so I’m reposting

  1. That’s hard to make, they are so slippery.

  2. Resa says:

    It is very funny!! lol!
    What is not funny is that the Chinese have depleted their Jelly Fish sources to nada, nil, etc.
    They have been trying to make a deal with Canada for our rich resources of JF.
    However, we nature conserving folks are up in arms with a resounding… NO!!!
    You see, off coast we are home to a small patch of almost extinct sea turtles. They eat JF. They need all they can get.
    If the Chinese keep wolfing them down, the sea turtles will vanish. The Chinese really don’t care that a country of 3 billion people can wipe out a resource in no time at all.

    • That is horrifying. I can’t believe people EAT them for real. And eat them until they are GONE. What is WRONG with people? I love Canada more and more each day. Seriously, you guys know what’s important and do the right thing. How wonderful. It’s disgusting what people do to other creatures and yes, with cold hearts and that many people who don’t seem to CARE about what they kill, they would wipe out resources in no time at all. Awful.

      • Resa says:

        Thank you! It is a wild wonder how far apart Canada and the USA under trump are Ideologically. Yet, we are tied to some same tether post together. Love you guys, & luv JF!

      • Joined by proximity but we are far behind you in conscious and doing the right thing. The US is all about control over others and greed at all costs. It’s sickening.

  3. Resa says:

    Was I being too, political with that comment? Should I have said …. a certain country? Please feel free to delete any of my comments.

  4. Love it! Whimsical and wonderful 🙂

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