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All he kids are home from college.  Everyone is coming here Tuesday night (and bringing others),  for fun and frolicking.  That means I have to move my decorations off the tables and other things because we need ROOM to spread out.  LOL  I’m having everyone’s favorite dinner…pizza and fries.  Yes, that does sound terrible but we all love it and that’s what we’re having.  I’m cooking on Christmas day but only for my friend,,,maybe stuffed shells, or something.  Anyway, we do pizza and fries a lot because everyone enjoys it and the picky eaters actually eat.  We get a vat of fries and all different pizzas so everyone is happy.  Makes it easy for me, that’s for sure.  I just have to do desserts and snacks, which again is easy because the kids like salsa and chips and junk food.  We are exceptionally health conscious, as you can see.  My son-in-law is the cook in the family and we all love the things he makes.  He is an “experimental” kind of cook, never making the same thing, the same way, twice.  He just feels his way along and tries different things.  He’s also the kind of cook that will ask, “What do you want to eat?” and then he will go to the store and get the stuff to make it and come home and cook.  Amazing, actually.  The only problem with that is that there is often a long period of time between when you want to eat and when you actually GET to eat.  LOL  My daughter doesn’t cook.  I did, but haven’t done so in a LONG time. I look lovingly at my French cookbooks, always longing to make something, then realizing I don’t even buy butter, milk, or any of the ingredients in any of the recipes.  I will make something, I will. I just don’t know when.  Everything looks so delicious, I could eat the pages but alas, I run my hand lightly across the yummy dishes and close the book, then put it gently back on the shelf and whisper…”soon.”

So, my granddaughter brought her cats home, of course, and we have all been telling her to get Twenty-One FIXED.  Naturally, she ignored us, so the cat has been spraying all over her significant other’s parents house.   Wow, what a surprise.  They had him fixed yesterday.  Poor kitty.  Zonked out on meds, hated cone on his wee head, and not a very merry Catmas, that’s for sure.  The big tom cat scared Emily and she was freaked out and slept in a corner of the yard all night, which freaked me out. She’s back in her house again so all is calm, merry and bright…at least for the moment.

The sun is out and I’m going to clean.  Thrilling, right?  Well, I SAY that I’m going to clean but I get distracted rather easily, by a pencil, or anything that sparkles, so there is that.  I’m getting low on chocolate cookies, which means I have to go to the store because I’m afraid I’ll turn into the SHE-HULK, if I run out.  I’ll have to eat a bag of mini chocolate chips, if that happens and it’s not quite the same.  If you’ve ever done it, you know what I mean. Eating a bag of mini’s isn’t as satisfying as eating a bunch of cookies.  Yes, it’s a miracle that I’m not dead but really, if i can’t have fun and enjoy life, what’s the point?  Healthy eating people die all the time.  Shrunken and gray, they gnaw on their kale, withered and drawn, while I snarf down dark chocolate and whimper with delight.  Okay, a bit of a stretch but you get my drift.  We all have choices to make.  Last time I went out with my cousin she gently pushed half of her food to the side and ate the other half.  I enjoyed my lunch and she took half of her’s home. She does not over indulge.  Having said that, she does like dessert. She judges people who eat whatever they like and people who don’t have rules.  I don’t care.  I don’t have rules about anything, actually.  She has lots.  Still, we have fun together and that’s all that matters.  She thinks about order and I think about pencils and sparkly things.  When we travel, she’s in charge of the money, which is good, since I have a tendency not to think about money, or how to get home from wherever we are.  That might not sound weird but when you’re in Rome, or Paris, getting lost is different than when you’re in your own area.  She always knows where we are.  I went out without her in Rome.  I was alone.  I turned the wrong way the second I left the hotel.  I walked for hours and was completely lost.  Saw some cool things, never found the bookstore I was looking for, since it was hours in the other direction.  I can’t speak Italian but I am Italian, so I just did the best I could.  I found out I should take a bus, or something like a bus, to get back to the hotel, because it was really far away, but I walked.  People just kept pointing and I eventually made it back.  It was fun and I loved the entire day by myself.  Wherever we go I take a day alone and get lost.  I did that in Hawaii too and it was a blast.  I get lost easily but if you’re that kind of person, you’re used to it, so it’s no big deal.  It’s just a good thing I’m not a bird because if I had to fly south for the winter I’d never  make it without a flock, believe me. My cousin and I are perfect traveling companions.  I frustrate her on so many levels but we like a lot of the same things, so there is that. I don’t mean to make her sigh, or roll her eyes,  really, I don’t but let’s face it..we are who we are.

Well, have a lovely day.  I’m off to start polishing things.  Hopefully, I won’t want to draw anything for awhile.

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23 Responses to Thoughts and stuff…

  1. Definitely my kind of get together. Have loads of fun. Go on, write something. I hear the chicklets being ignored.

  2. omtatjuan3 says:

    Have a wonderful holiday my friend

  3. Not thinking about money or how to get home? I totally get that! Yes! Who wants to think about either of those when there’s so much to see? To do? I’m right there with you on that. Hence, my wife is the more pragmatic one with the money than I when we’re away. 😃

  4. So true. I’m really glad you’re happy. I was so happy for my entire life. My son and husband died of leukemia (far apart) and I miss them everyday. Believe me, the definition of happy changes radically, when those things happens. But I had so much love and so much fun that I’ll never complain about anything. I still adore him and always will.

  5. Resa says:

    The fridge broke down.
    That means the freezer broke down. It is finally fixed, but that didn’t stop lots of summer’s frozen fruits from melting. I’ve been making pies for 2 days. Blueberry pie, blueberry peach pie, peach pie, cherry pie, cherry peach pie. Tomorrow I will make 2 more peach pies. YAY! The freezer works! I will be freezing many pies and slices for Christmas. Not to mention the gluttony of pie eating that will extend for 2 more days.
    SO, we are having pies for Christmas. (& pasta).

    • What time should I arrive????? Blueberry pie is my favorite…warm, with ice cream. OMG Resa, I can’t even make a pie…I just eat them. Love cherry too. You are a wonder. Really…your talent knows no bounds. Lucky you.

      • Resa says:

        LOL! I have no ability to play sports! I’m learning to write poems and paint …but pies… my baba showed me how! Pies are under my belt!

  6. Resa says:

    OH, now my bananas are very ripe. Add a banana pudding pie to the list. It will have a maple (Quebec maple syrup) walnut crust on top.


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