A letter to Santa…



Dear Santa:

My name is Harriet.  My brother wants a giraffe for Christmas but I just want clothes.  All the kids make fun of me.  They say I look like a clown.  Just a dress, or long coat, would be nice.  And a pair of regular shoes.  Please.  My parents have no fashion sense and they are ruining my life.  I’m counting on you to help me.  And my dad said he won’t cut a hole in the roof for the giraffe, so it’s probably not a good idea to bring one.  Just remember, all I want are clothes, shoes and a long coat.  I don’t care about toys, I just want to dress like a normal person.  If you have an extra kitten, that would be nice too, but only if you have one who needs a good home.  Thank you.  Please don’t misplace this letter.

Love, Harriet

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3 Responses to A letter to Santa…

  1. Anyway, there are practical difficulties getting a giraffe down a chimney…

  2. Poor Harriet! I hope she gets everything she wants!

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